Uncle Milton's Force Glove Gives You the Power of the ForceWe’re big Star Wars fans here. While I’m no where near on par with the fans who spend days waiting in line for the next greatest thing  in the franchise (I don’t wait in line for anything if I can avoid it), Jacob would probably pitch a tent with all the other fanboys if he was old enough to do so. He’s been a Star Wars fan since he was about four and he first started playing the Lego Star Wars game. We’re also huge fans of Uncle Milton’s products. We’ve tried out Moon in My Room and Fireworks in My Room in the past, and both are still used regularly in our house. So when I found out that Uncle Milton, who is well known for their Star Wars Science toys, came out with the Force Glove, I was totally on-board for a review.

The Science Behind the Force Glove

The Force Glove works using magnets, which makes it sound fairly simple, but it’s actually loads of fun. You slide the glove on your hand, then attach the magnet either with the Force Push or the Force Pull side facing out. Obviously, the Push side repels magnetic objects, while the Pull side attracts them. The Force Glove also comes with a little magnetic base and cut-outs that you can slide into them. Depending on the cut-out, your child can opt to push them away (like with the droids) or pull them closer

See it in Action

Jacob, of course, didn’t stick to just Force Pushing and Pulling the magnetic base. He decided to move on to grander things, like the silverware drawer. I have to admit, it was pretty cool the way everything stuck to the glove. Check it out:

Uncle Milton's Force Glove Gives You the Power of the Force

Uncle Milton's Force Glove Gives You the Power of the Force

He proceeded to run around the house trying to determine what was magnetic and what wasn’t. We were surprised to learn that a metal cat bowl contains no metal (or at least not the magnetic type) at all. I dared him to see if he stuck to Grams’ leg (she has pins from a surgery after she broke her leg), but it didn’t work. Maybe that metal is too deep. And before you say that’s just mean, my mom was not offended. She’s well aware her daughter has a messed up sense of humor. I don’t recommend going around trying to use the Force Glove to pull out surgical pins.

Uncle Milton is all about encouraging children to learn about science and the world around them through entertaining ways, so they even created a fun Jedi Training Manual activity sheet with experiments to try out. The Force Glove also comes with a fun learning guide.

Connect with Uncle Milton

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Uncle Milton's Force Glove Gives You the Power of the Force