Work from homeI have been working from home since 2009. Back when I first split up with my ex, I searched high and low for a job outside the home because I didn’t think it was possible to really earn a living as a work-at-home-mom. I applied for well over 200 jobs and got one interview. That’s it. Then I stumbled across a site that paid you to write articles, got accepted, and started my path to freelance writing. I’ve been writing my whole life, but before that, never thought I was good enough to do it professionally. That job ended, but it boosted my self-confidence and allowed me to apply for other positions, and now I have a fairly decent list of clients that I write for. Plus, I’ve made some great new friends and connections. I’m still looking for ways to earn more money from home, though, and when the opportunity to review Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay!Book Review: Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay! (Free on Amazon 8/23-8/24) by Lee Mellott came up, I jumped on it.

Mellott packs an extraordinary amount of information into 41 pages, including advice, tips, and best of all, links to real companies that pay you to work online. REAL companies, not survey sites or those places that pay you 1 cent per task and require you to have like $50 to cash out. In fact, one of the first things talked about in Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay! is how to avoid scams. The information in this section is stuff I wish I had known when I was first starting out. I once answered an ad for writers on Craigslist, and was asked to write a 700 sample on metal roofs. I wrote the sample, never heard back from the guy, but googled my text a week later and found my article being used. I’ve learned to never write “samples” for anyone. I have plenty of work out there already on just about every topic, so I can easily provide samples of already published articles.

A Veritable Cornucopia of Work From Home Jobs

Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay! offers up a veritable cornucopia of real jobs that you can do from home, including legitimate mystery shopping organizations (as well as tips on how to avoid the scams), call center jobs, freelance writing gigs, and more. She not only gives you a list of the companies, but tells you what kind of traits you need for each job. For example, she explains that if you have a noisy house, you may not be suited for call center work.

Mellott doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She doesn’t proclaim to provide the answers to gaining riches overnight, and she doesn’t over- glorify working from home. I really appreciate her realistic tone and concise editing. Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay! is exactly what the title says. No fluff, no long case studies (although she did work in many of the jobs that she writes about so she could really tell us about them).

If you’ve ever considered working from home, I highly suggest checking out this book. If you snag it today, the Kindle edition of  Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay! is FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow (8/23/12 and 8/24/12). After that, it’s still a very reasonable price of $2.99.

Connect with Lee Mellott

Check out Mellott’s site for more Work at Home jobs. I also recommend downloading her free eBook Payday- Top Ways to Make $100 or More Online.


Book Review: Work From Home Jobs: 101+ Real Companies That Pay! (Free on Amazon 8/23-8/24)