While Jacob has a pretty decent grasp on telling time, even with an analog clock, he still doesn’t quite get how long something is. Like, if I say we’ll go at 3pm, he doesn’t really think about how far or close that time is to the time we’re in at that moment (did that make sense?). He’s kind of like me, time is completely a man-made concept to him and outside his reality! The Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock from Educational Insights does a great job of helping him figure out exactly how much time exists between two points on a clock.

Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock Features

  • Two big clock phases that look like wrist-watches
  • a “digital” display showing the amount of time that will elapse between the start time and end time.
  • Watch hands are very easy to turn as long as you have the Start and Stop in the right spot.
  • Very sturdy plastic, won’t fall apart quickly.
  • Large enough that you could use it in a class room and everyone will be able to see it.
  • Also works as a great tool to help kids learn to tell time on an analog clock (you know, for when the EMP strikes and all electronics are wiped out!).
  • No batteries required. Yay!!

How Jacob Uses the Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock

Educational Insights Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock Review

Jacob uses the Elapsed Time Clock to figure out how much longer he’s allowed to stay up, how much time he has until we play a game together when I’m working, and just because he likes math (I don’t know where he gets that from!), time, and other concepts involving numbers. I was really surprised at how much he played with it. I thought it would be one of those occasional things, but he really enjoyed turning the clock hands and seeing how much time passes in between each time.

How Does It Keep Kids Creative?

The Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock¬† is a great tool for playing school. Let your kids be the “time teacher” and you be the student! You cold also use it as a prop in your own little play, tell stories about time, or come up with your own way to use it in creative play. It’s kid-driven, so as long as they use their imagination, they’ll find new ways to use the clock.

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Educational Insights Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock Review