I decided to start a new feature on Pretty Opinionated called “Five Favorites on Friday.” Since there are so many different topics that I don’t really cover here in much detail. These are the blogs I go to when I need to know something on those topics. Over the next few weeks I’ll share my favorite food, craft, deal, fashion, tech, and green living sites. I may add other topics as I go on, the internet is a veritable cornucopia of types of sites, so I’m always finding something new!

Five Favorite Food and Recipe Blogs

While some of these blogs are not strictly food blogs, they do feature recipes at least once a week, if not more.

Five Favorites on Friday: Food and Recipe BlogsCrunchy Frugalista isn’t technically a food blog, but she posts tons of recipes that make me drool! My current favorite is her Halloween Graveyard Cakes, although the Mini Oreo Cheesecakes are definitely a close second! The recipes are really easy to follow, and her pictures are always super helpful (and visually appealing!) without overwhelming you with every single step.


Five Favorites on Friday: Food and Recipe Blogs Around My Family Table is almost entirely a food and recipe blog, and wow, the recipes are incredible! I am so jealous of her talent when it comes to cooking. The site also offers tips and reviews of tools or cooking ware to help make your kitchen adventures a little less daunting. While it’s really hard to choose a favorite recipe, you all know how I love coffee, so I’m going with her Frozen Mocha Latte recipe. I also love how most of the recipes come with a bit of a back story, it makes the site very engaging.

Five Favorites on Friday: Food and Recipe BlogsEast 9th Street isn’t strictly food, but the recipe section is very well fleshed out and full of utter deliciousness! Last year around Halloween, she did a 12 Days of Pumpkin feature that had me waiting anxiously to see what would be next. I love pumpkin, so it’s hard to decide which one was my favorite. I’m thinking the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread because it combines my three favorite foods: pumpkin, chocolate, and bread.


Five Favorites on Friday: Food and Recipe BlogsSunday Baker is awesome because the recipes are all pretty healthy, but still delicious. She rises up to the challenge of making good-for-you food actually taste good too. For example, one of her most recent recipes,  Blueberry Oats Bars is way healthier than a blueberry muffin, yet tasty enough for even the pickiest kid! It’s great for breakfast or snack time.


Can You Stay For Dinner? – A classy site with a minimalist design, so the food really stands out! I love how the blogger throws in a dose of humor or a little story throughout the recipes. The directions are really detailed, so even a cooking novice like me can follow along. My favorite recipe: Three Cheese Baked Ziti! Yummmmm!


Do you have a Food or Recipe blog, or a really great recipe in general that you’d love to share? Enter it on the Linky below.