Fall is the cool down phase from summer’s hectic pace of beaches and outdoor activities. As the temperature gets milder, family activities tend to move indoors. With this in mind, fall is a good time to update the home’s interior to accommodate a change in lifestyle. The best approach to redecorating for fall is from the ground up, adding fall-themed pieces and fall touches where appropriate. Décor sources like Ltd Commodities, LLC provide affordable yet quality pieces to get redecorating projects off the ground quickly.

Floors with a Flourish

Replace the welcome mat at the front door with a fall-inspired doormat that is heftier than the summer door mat. Homes that open to a long hallway from the front door will do well with a matching runner. Carpet runners add warmth and color to an otherwise drab floor.

Throw rugs and large rugs positioned in places where families like to gather automatically become extensions of the seating area especially when they look soft and inviting. Complement the rug with large throw pillows with leaf-design fabric covers.

Shelves and Storage

Summer clutter should be packed up for storage or given away before adding fall furnishings to a room. With a spray of dried blooms or fall berries, family heirloom pictures can remain in the same place and still conform to the fall theme. Add a few fall or harvest wall art to pull the design together.

Attractive shelves and other storage options are important in organizing a room. LTD Commodities LLC has a wide selection of storage shelves, bins and baskets that can easily be incorporated in any room. Having shelves and bins handy will make clean-up time easier on everyone.

Update the look of the media room by replacing the aging console with a minimalist set that will also add storage for the family’s media collection.

Décor and More

Redecorating for fall is not a big project considering that one can incorporate so many home crafted items such as dried flower sprays, dried-leaf collage and anything in a pumpkin design.

Decorate the mantel with braided straw and dried grapevine with a few berry accents. Add pumpkin-spice scented candles to create a multi-sensory appeal.

Centerpieces made with apples and sprinklings of dried leaves are attractive and practical. Replenish the apples as they are consumed.

A simple fall wreath can be made for every door in the home. Cover a pre-made wreath round with dried and preserved fall leaves in gold, orange and red. Add an orange bow to create a finished look.

Fall is a time for family gatherings and festivities. Make these events even more special with autumnal furnishings and décor that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.