My Feeding Friend Nursing PillowJacob is 7 years old, so I am past the point of needing a nursing pillow and pretty sure that those days are over for the future. Still,  when I saw  the My Feeding Friend puppy, I had to have it! I knew Jacob would love it for other reasons, and I was right as usual (don’t you know I’m always right?). It really is a product that can grow with your child from the day you bring your baby home until the day they outgrow stuffed animals (which in my case was pretty much never, since I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear!).

About My Feeding Friend

My Feeding Friend starts out as a breastfeeding support pillow, although those who choose to formula feed will also find it useful. I bottle-fed Jacob, and I used a nursing pillow just as much as those who breastfed because it helped keep my arms more comfortable during feeding time.

The thing with traditional nursing pillows is that once your baby is done with nursing, they really have no other purpose. They end up in your storage unit collecting dust, or tossed in a landfill somewhere. My Feeding Friend, on the other hand, is a nursing pillow that your baby can use throughout their entire childhood and beyond. It was created by a mom who had a great idea, as all the best kids products are. After all, who knows babies and kids better than a mom?

What We Love about My Feeding Friend Puppy

My Feeding Friend Nursing Pillow

  • He’s huge! At 41 inches long and with a body circumference of about 21 inches, he’s a really good size!
  • He’s softer than a baby’s butt! I’m not kidding you, the puppy My Feeding Friend is so soft and snuggly, I  kind of wanted to steal him for myself! Of course, I’m not a mean mommy. Besides, there is no way I could have hidden him from Jacob. See reason #1.
  • He makes Jacob feel safe at night. Since he’s so long, he acts as a perfect barrier for the outside of the bed, protecting from monsters that may reach up from beneath the bed. He’s become Jacob’s external wall at night.
  • He makes a great body pillow for kids! My Feeding Friend is just right for wrapping around at night, making it the perfect body pillow for little ones.
  • He’s just plain stinkin’ cute! Look at that sweet little puppy face!

Aside from the adorable puppy, My Feeding Friend also comes as a giant turtle, tiger, and monkey. I kind of want the turtle for myself! Okay, fine, I want all of them! These are seriously awesome nursing pillows.

Learn More About My Feeding Friend

Check out the video below to learn more about how My Feeding Friend works:

BUY IT: You can purchase any of the four My Feeding Friend Nursing Pillows and Grow-With-Me Plush animals in the My Feeding Friend store for $39.99.

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My Feeding Friend: The Nursing Pillow That Grows With Your Child