It always surprises me how Jacob manages to sleep in the car with his neck craned in the oddest angles. It makes me wonder if I was bitten by a radioactive owl while I was pregnant with him, and somehow he developed the ability to turn his neck nearly 360 degrees. It’s creepy! I can’t imagine how it is even remotely comfortable. SeatPets are a really cute way to keep your kids more comfortable in the car and prevent that owl-neck thing from happening.


I apparently do not watch enough live television, because I hadn’t heard about SeatPets until the opportunity to review Airheart came up.  I just thought it looked like a really cute product and knew my son would use it. When it arrived, Jacob was elated, asking “Mommy, why didn’t you tell me you were getting a SeatPet?” He started singing the jingle form the television ad. The child has an eidetic memory for commercials!

What Are SeatPets?

SeatPets Airheart Review + Giveaway

SeatPets are a simple yet brilliant concept. They’re fun little plush fabric beasts that go over the seat belt and give your child a place to rest his head. SeatPets come with several zippered compartments to hold anything from a small gaming system to snacks for the ride. Jacob wanted me to take pictures of every single zippered compartment. He was adamant that I stress how very cool and useful they are. I assured him that I would let you all know that there are in fact more than one compartments, including this one in the back of Airheart’s head.

SeatPets Airheart Review + Giveaway

 A comfortable ride and a bedtime companion

So I don’t actually have any pictures of Jacob using his SeatPet in the car. My car is a mess, and I’d rather none of you actually see the inside of it! SeatPets definitely do their job in keeping Jake comfortable, though. His neck is no longer hanging at odd angles that freak me out when I look in the rear view mirror.

SeatPets Airheart Review + Giveaway

SeatPets aren’t just for the car, though! Airheart joins a menagerie of other stuffed animals every night in Jacob’s bed. Currently, he holds a prized position right next to Jacob (rather than the “wall” position that leans against the rail and protects Jacob from anything that may reach up from beneath the bed). The zippered pouch makes a perfect place to stash monster-fighting tools, like a mini flashlight. From long car rides to bedside friend, SeatPets are definitely a winner in our house!

For more information on SeatPets, visit their website and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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SeatPets Airheart Review + Giveaway