Super Mario Collector Plush Pack Review + GiveawayI am amazed at how long the Mario Brothers have managed to stay popular. I still remember when the very first game came out all those years ago, for like the first incarnation of Nintendo. My little brother got the system and the games for Christmas one year. The graphics were state of the art back then, and I remember taking turns trying to beat level after level until it was time for bed.

While most of the things that were popular when I was little vanished for decades, and only recently started reappearing in some strange new incarnation, Mario pretty much never faded away. He and his brother, Luigi, just kept evolving with the times. From Mario’s first appearance in Donkey Kong (way back in 1981) to the New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo3DS, they’ve had better staying power than just about anything else from my childhood.

Meet the Characters

Now, with the Super Mario Collector Plush Pack, your kids can act out scenes from their favorite Mario game with the five main good-guy characters. These include:

  • Mario- the Italian plumber who started it all
  • Luigi- his green-overall clad brother who was typically relegated to “second-player” mode
  • Toad- the cute little toadstool looking guy who was once best known for his appearance at the end of every fourth stage to let us know that the princess was in fact in a completely different castle than the one we just managed to storm.
  • Yoshi- my personal favorite, the cute little dinosaur who can eat just about anything in sight.
  • Koopa Troopa- Okay, so he’s not a good guy, but he’s definitely the cutest of the Koopas (aka Bowser’s Minions).

Each of the plush characters is about 6 inches tall- just the right size for carrying around. These would make really great stocking stuffers for Mario fans in your life! Jacob has been having fun playing with them and he takes them to bed every night. His only complaint is that the set doesn’t come with a Bowser. Apparently, he feels the characters need a stronger villain than a Koopa Troopa to do battle with.

The Super Mario Collector Plush Set is made by Goldie International, the official merchandisers for all Nintendo collectibles, toys, and other goodies. Check them out on Facebook, they have some other exciting lines available and more on the way!

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Super Mario Collector Plush Pack Review + Giveaway