‘A Diary’s House’ – Aftermath

A Diary’s House Book Tour: Guest Post


When reading through ‘A Diary’s House’, one might feel there is some finality to it all – far from it. This is the story and life journey of Landon Hampshire. A unique and embattled tale with so many twists and turns, the journey itself becomes just as unpredictable. The first volume to this tale is during his earliest years; the plight and glory of his youth; the eventual banishment his life will be thrown into – an unknown world – a world beset with constant change.

Where reality, mystery, and lore collide and conflict with his otherwise settled existence. He must fight through the transitions life will bring; the alterations altogether can undo one’s sense of security. His childhood encounters a place of treasure, a land merged with mystery and illusions. What might seem as real evolves into something quite different, and that which might appear as some idle, fabricated mystery turns out to be the greatest treasure of all. His upheaval will be much greater than most. But the challenges he must encounter will inevitable make him stronger, to prepare him for the deeper and more enduring episodes he will eventually face throughout his colorful life.

Life and fate can sometimes contradict. Sometimes the world will not be so kind. Sometimes we must endure more than we could ever imagine. Landon will discover the same internal hardships. The guideposts to his destiny will often meet with turmoil, cause mis-steps along the way, harbor wrong turns, and cast dangers within his path which will bring him to the brink and precipice; joys and sorrows all in the same emotion.

The conflicts of love will haunt him on many levels. Love can be as independent as any vapor in the wind, and young Landon will chase this elusive dream into whatever worlds Love will travel into.  He ultimately discovers the curse and treasure this vital and eternal emotion can deliver.

Landon’s journey begins with his search for manhood – an elusive, non-defining formation and definition for such a young boy. His earliest impressions will prove false, but in the end he will discover what it truly takes to be a man. And in this, to the end, he will find himself sitting on the other side to an awaiting, unclear destiny.

The mirror on his life bears reflection – the reader now enjoys the incredible worlds he encounters, and the eventual man he is to become. Next up – volume two – ‘The Long Journey Home’.

C. David Murphy
Author of A Diary’s House

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