Book Feature: Gravediggers: Mountain of BonesIn Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones, by Christopher Krovatin, Ian envisioned his class trip to the wilderness as a time to hang out with his basketball teammates and embark on a few exciting adventures. When he’s paired up with his less-than-popular camcorder-toting friend, PJ, and the socially-awkward yet incredibly smart (and she’s a blogger to boot, can you tell who I’m going to like best?) Kendra, he’s far from thrilled. During a nature hike to pick flowers, Ian’s boredom level reaches critical mass. While the trio is off a bit from the group, they spot a majestic buck. All three have their own reasons for chasing the animal, but the results are the same. They end up lost and separated from the rest of their group and their teacher. Getting back to the other 6th graders is not going to be an easy task!

Ian, PJ, and Kendra wander around lost for a bit before coming upon an old cabin, thinking they’ve found a safe place to rest and regroup. Of course, we all know that abandoned cabins in the woods, especially in a spooky story, never turn out to be safe! Finding a skeleton in the cabin is just the start of their problems. Throughout the rest of the book, the trio will have to outrun zombies and other dangers if they want to make it back to civilization in one piece.

While Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones is definitely a spooky tale, it’s not nearly as gruesome as other YA Zombie books on the shelves. It is geared more towards middle grades, and focuses primarily on the overall adventure rather than the gore factor. Chapters alternate point of view, so readers will hear the story from three different perspectives.

Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones Trailer

This is one of the coolest book trailers I’ve seen all year! Love it!

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Book Feature: Gravediggers: Mountain of Bones