Scary School 2In the first Scary School book by Derek the Ghost, we were introduced to not only Derek, but to a slew of characters who attended the school. That book was basically a compilation of the observations by the ghastly author, an 11-year-old who happens to be a ghost. At the end of that story, Scary School was honored with a prize trip to meet the Monster King after kicking butt in the Ghoul Games. If you thought the school was creepy, wait until you read about the journey through Monster Forest!

First of all, Charles Nukid, who really isn’t quite the new kid he was in the first book, has to deal with the creepiest crush of all time when the Monster King’s daughter falls for him. Captain Pigbeard is not at all thrilled about that, considering the princess was his fiance!

After their visit to Monster Forest, Princess Zogette follows Charles back to Scary School, which of course greatly angers her former love AND her father. Captain Pigbeard and the Monster King chase after her, ready to launch a full-fledged attack on anyone who gets in their way. Of course, the monsters at Scary School are not going to take that lying down in the grave.

The writing style of Scary School 2: Monsters on the March is fantastic for middle-grade readers. This age group can be tricky to entice into a story, but it really does seem like an 11-year-old is telling the tale. The way Derek and the characters talk, the funny things that happen, the action and adventure- all seem geared towards drawing in young minds. Some books try to hard to relate to kids, but Scary School does it flawlessly without seeming like the author is trying to be someone he’s not.

This is also a fun book to read together, as there are a few little inside jokes that parents who are fans of horror will enjoy. There is even a kid named Jason who has an affinity for wearing hockey masks! I’ve actually met a parent who said her daughter never really read before until she picked up the first Scary School, so it appeals to both boys and girls. Despite the title, it’s not too frightening at all for kids who are sensitive to that sort of thing.

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Book Review: Scary School 2: Monsters on the March