Celebrate OctoNovemCember With RetailMeNot #OctoNovemCemberEvery year, it seems like October, November, and December kind of all run together. Halloween pretty much kicks off the holiday season for us, with all the decorating, crafts, and activities related to the spooky holiday.  I also manage the Santa photo set in my local mall, which opens well before Thanksgiving, so I spend the end of October getting ready for that. So basically, from mid-October till the end of December, I’m deeply immersed in the holidays between work and home. It’s really hard to find time to do my holiday shopping, especially since my budget is so tight.

Amazing Discounts: Today Only!

My biggest problem during the shopping season is the “one day only” sale madness. First of all, I usually work on Black Friday. Besides, the whole madness surrounding the day just freaks me out. People get trampled, for crying out loud! I don’t want to get trampled. Plus, I’m way too timid and not nearly assertive enough for Black Friday shopping. I am the type who gets cut in line and doesn’t say anything about it because I’m too scared of confrontation. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re incapable of really standing up for yourself in a scary crowd, you should just stay away from the stores on Black Friday.
Celebrate OctoNovemCember With RetailMeNot #OctoNovemCember

During the rest of the season, I don’t always have time to run out and hit a specific one-day sale either. I’ve been using RetailMeNot for a few years now to find awesome coupons for both online and offline purchases. During the holiday season, I use my lunch breaks to do a little mall shopping, and every night I print out new coupons for the stores through RetailMeNot.

This year, they’re celebrating the season with OctoNovemCember, a magical shopping season with great deals every day, when you need them most. RetailMeNot, being the smart cookies that they are, figured out a way to make all of our lives easier by making sure we can find those great deals every day. Of course, being the fun folks that they are, they also found a way to make it all a little more fun. Meet Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus, the King of OctoNovemCember.

Enter to win a $1,000 Shopping Spree!

That video is more than just entertaining (seriously, they did a great job creating an appealing ad) and informative, it’s also your ticket to a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree! Simply share the Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus video with your friends, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. The more you share, the more chances you get, up to 20 chances total. Each week, RetailMeNot will pick a new winner. To enter, head over to RetailMeNot and click on the “Share to win…” button. From there, just give them your name and email address, then choose a sharing method. Tweet a message, post to Facebook, or email a friend the video link and you’re entered to win.

What would you spend your $1,000 on if you won?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and RetailMeNot.com. All opinions stated are my own.