Get Your Smile Ready for the Holidays with Listerine and Tips from a Pro!I have an odd sentimental attachment to Listerine. My grandfather always kept a bottle of it in his bathroom, and to him, it was pretty much a cure-all. To this day, I still use Listerine on bug bites, it takes the itch out almost right away! Of course, although it has many purposes, its main purpose will always be killing mouth germs, making breath fresh, and keeping your teeth healthy.

The new Listerine UltraClean takes that cleaning action a step further by making it last for 12 hours! Combined with Listerine Whitening Original Gel Toothpaste, your mouth will be as sparkly as the white holiday snow (although I’m hoping we don’t see too much of that white stuff this year!).

About Listerine UltraClean

  • It’s the only mouthwash with an anti-tartar ingredient.
  • Contains EVERFRESH™ Technology for a powerful clean feeling that lasts for hours
  • Uses essential oils to get the job done. I actually never knew this! The oils include eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol.
  • It penetrates biofilm, the fancy new name for the community of nasty germs that live on your teeth.

Get Your Smile Ready for the Holidays with Listerine and Tips from a Pro!

I used both the Listerine UltraClean Mouthwash and the Listerine Whitening Gel Toothpaste. The mouthwash still burns, and I really wish they’d find a way to get rid of that issue. I put up with it, though, because it also does a great job of keeping my mouth clean and my breath fresh. The toothpaste, on the other hand, is a lot milder. It has a zing, but it doesn’t make my eyes water! It also leaves your teeth feeling slick, not filmy like some toothpaste can.

Tips from a Pro: Dr. Dodes Shares How to Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Fresh Year Round

Don’t ignore that reminder card!

o   Nearly 75 percent of American adults suffer from various forms of periodontal (gum) disease and don’t know it. Visiting your dentist twice a year is the best way to maintain good oral health and treat problems early that may be both costly and painful down the road.

·         BRUSH, FLOSS & RINSE®

o   Brushing teeth alone misses around 75 percent of your mouth, leaving millions of germs behind. That’s why adding a therapeutic mouthwash like LISTERINE® Ultraclean to your daily routine is essential to maintaining a proper oral care routine. Make it a goal to brush using a fluoride toothpaste, floss once daily and rinse for 30-seconds twice a day.

·         The World Isn’t Flat And Neither Is Your Mouth.

o   Brushing and flossing clean teeth and gums, but teeth make up less than half of your mouth. Whether you prefer the powerful sensation of LISTERINE® Antiseptic, prefer a less intense, zero alcohol formula, or would like to brighten up that smile with a whitening solution, make sure you’re getting your whole mouth clean. LISTERINE® brand offers a variety of products including LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE ZERO, which cater to every oral care need and preference.

·         Technique Matters.

o   There’s a proper way to brush and floss. If you’re unfamiliar with the correct technique, ask your dentist or dental hygienist for help. You can also visit the American Dental’s Association’s website to watch some great tutorials on proper technique.


Get Your Smile Ready for the Holidays with Listerine and Tips from a Pro!