Gifts for Kids: Race To The Treasure Cooperative Family GameLast week, I told you all about the new line of cooperative games from Peaceable Kingdom in my Willy’s Wiggly Web review. In case you missed it (you could always go read it now, hint hint), cooperative games involve working together as a team to defeat a common game-based enemy, such as a giant spider, or, in the case of Race to the Treasure, a mean ogre. This is definitely one of the most fun games we’ve played in a while, and believe me, we’ve played a ton of games!

Playing Race to the Treasure

The basic rules for Race to the Treasure are so easy to master, you’ll be playing in minutes. Once you get started, you may have a hard time stopping! Oh, and don’t ask me why my kid is making such a strange pose here, he’s 7, he has his own idea of what my blog pictures should look like!

Race to the Treasure

What’s in the Box:

  • Game board
  • Dice
  • 37 game cards, including the path cards and the Ogre cards
  • 4 treasure keys
  • 1 ogre snack (to keep that nasty guy at bay for a moment!)
  • Directions

How to Play Race to the Treasure

Set the game up according to the directions. Once you’ve established where the keys and ogre snack goes, get started by taking turns adding a path piece. The goal is to reach all three keys before the ogre gets to the treasure. If you draw an ogre card, he gets one step closer to beating you. You can take away one of the ogre cards by landing on the ogre snack card, so if you start to fill that ogre meter, get your butts to that snack right away!

Gifts for Kids: Race To The Treasure Cooperative Family Game

Once you snag three of the four keys, you can start racing towards the treasure. Get to the treasure before the ogre, and your family wins the game!

Gifts for Kids: Race To The Treasure Cooperative Family Game

Skills used playing Race to the Treasure

Aside from cooperation and shared decision-making skills, Race to the Treasure will also help with your child’s strategy and math grid skills. The setup of the game is a lesson on its own, as you need to roll the dice to determine the locations of the keys. The top of the board has letter and the side has numbers. Let your kids figure out how to find the spaces and it will help their math grid skills. Strategy comes into play when determining which way to set up the path cards, and where to connect them.

Race to the Treasure is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy together. Since everyone wins, there are no hard feelings at the end!

Gifts for Kids: Race To The Treasure Cooperative Family Game