Stories of entrepreneurs such as, Ehsan Bayat can inspire change in all of us. When accomplished businessman Ehsan Bayat became the Senator of the Afghanistan Upper House it was a move that will change this area in the world for good. Mr. Bayat has been the leader for change in the Afghanistan area since the fall of the Taliban by founding Afghan Wireless Communication Company and the Bayat Foundation. He’s not the only example giving us all hope.

When entrepreneurs help their community and other communities they lead by example. Our world desperately needs leadership from those in the spotlight and those not. Understanding what others are doing to help can help you to change your own community. If all the entrepreneurs did everything they can to help their community, our world would be far different.

Another Story of an Entrepreneur Initiating Changes

James Garton and Mission New Energy are based in Australia, but they also use bases in both the United States and Malaysia. The company helps poor Indian farmers turn unusable resources, such as inedible weeds into energy. They provide these farmers with a sustainable and affordable way to create bio-diesel fuel from resources they cannot sue for anything else. The plant most commonly used is called the Jatropha plant and by helping Indian farmers grow this weed, triples their income.

Not only is Mission New Energy helping to create a new source of energy cheaper than crude oil, but also they are changing this area of the world one farmer at a time. The ability to help a farmer use a plant they used to consider useless and make a larger profit at the same time has changed this part of the world for the better.

Many entrepreneurs are surfacing in African countries, as well. They are providing basic needs to the citizens and helping to create growth within their communities. Benson Honig is part of the group of entrepreneurs using ideas surfacing in Africa to help change communities there and in other parts of the world. One idea that’s surfaced in Canada is cell phone banking. Mr. Honig believes on-the-ground entrepreneurs are the best way to develop the economy of slow economies.

Reading stories about entrepreneurs helping all over the world and changing the way small and large communities work helps give us hope. The world can seem violent and unfair, at times, but the progress these people are helping to create changes the communities they work within.