Halloween is fast approaching along with invitations to costume parties. Every year, there is a huge selection of costumes to choose from, so how does a woman choose the right one for her? From zany to sexy to super creative, there is a Halloween costume out there for everyone that reflects the wearer’s personality and tastes. Following are ideas for five adult women costumes to suit every taste.

For crafty women who enjoy making their own costumes, there is no project more fitting than the gypsy fortune-teller. An easy do-it-yourself project, becoming a gypsy often only involves using items that are already in the closet.

The basic outfit is made up of a puffy shirt, a long, flowing skirt, a headscarf and some funky jewelry. The shirt can be off-the-shoulders and should ideally be cream-colored. The skirt can be layered or the effect can be created by layering a couple of skirts or by adding long, wide scarves to it. The headscarf should tie around the head and have the loose ends hanging. To complete the look, large hoop earrings, many bangles and long necklaces can be added.

Movie buffs might prefer the hottest costume from one of the best-selling movies of the year: Catwoman from Batman: The Dark Night Rises. A sexy outfit for a daring woman, this look is an all-black ensemble created by a body-hugging jumpsuit, headpiece, gloves, mask and high-heeled boots.

Women with a great sense of humor might prefer a funny, unique costume like Mrs. Potato Head. Dressed as a giant potato, with detachable face parts, Mrs. Potato Head can constantly change her look during the party and even get her friends to join in on the fun by pulling off the nose, mouth and eyes and rearranging them however they please on the potato body. The look is completed by adding black pants and a long-sleeved undershirt.

A classic option that never goes out of style is the witch. Witches can be scary, ugly and evil or beautiful and sexy depending on the wearer and her style. Both types of witch costume include long black dresses, pointy hats and pointy shoes, but the style of the dress, the accessories and make-up really define the kind of witch the woman wants to be. From evil sexy sorceress or creepy, lurking witch to the benign and cute witch of some children’s tales, the witch costume is a yearly go-to outfit for many women.

Another classic costume for women is the 1920’s Flapper. This is a fun, flirty costume that is easy to put together and looks elegant and stylish all night. The basic outfit if made up of a short, straight dress with layers and fringes, chunky heels, a feathered boa and headpiece, gloves, long necklaces and a long cigarette holder.

Halloween is a night to become a totally different person. These costumes allow each woman to choose the right fantasy character and play that character all night long. They also help the woman maintain her personal style and let her personality shine through.