With only about a week to go until Halloween, many parents are facing that last-minute costume time crunch. The kids procrastinated all season long, unable to decide what they want to be, and now they’re running out of time. Halloween parties are right around the corner, not to mention the big Trick or Treat night! When you’re crunched for time, it can be tempting to run to the nearest party store or one of those Halloween super centers that pop up in September and vanish on November 1st. While those stores can be great for browsing, they can also be a little rough on the budget. Savers Thrift Store, best known for its huge selection of second-hand merchandise, is a much better option for the budget-conscious.

How Savers Saves on Halloween

Savers can actually save you money in two ways this Halloween. First, although the majority of the merchandise is second-hand, during Halloween, Savers creates a store within a store. They bring in brand new merchandise, costumes, makeup, and decor to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. They have tons of popular costumes at fair prices, like this Iron Man costume that Jake plans to wear for Trunk or Treat night (that way he can dress up in two different costumes this year!).

Have a Great Halloween for Less With Savers Thrift Stores

They also have some really cool ready-to-go decorations! I received a great pair of “wedding” skeletons, a bride and groom all decked out to spend their eternal life together. They look fantastic on my fireplace right now.

Savers Halloween

Savers can also save you money on Halloween in other ways. Rather than purchasing the brand-new Halloween items they have in stock, consider purchasing some of the secondhand items and getting a little creative! They’ll even help you get started! Check out their for site for some great DIY projects using secondhand items.

DIY Halloween Projects From Savers

  • Sinister Ceramics: Grab a few ceramic animals from the decorating section, spray paint them black, and add some creepy red eyes. Display throughout the house for a touch of creepiness.
  • Beware Bottles: Create some spooky fun with nothing more than a few clear glass bottles, some white paint pens, black sand, and a funnel.
  • Terrifying Tablecloth: Turn an old red sheet into a blood-dripping tablecloth for your Halloween party. All you need is a pair of scissors to go along with the sheet!
  • Dolls of the Living Dead: With the walking dead making yet another comeback, these zombie dolls make hauntingly perfect centerpieces. Grab a handful of fashion dolls from Savers, cover in white spray paint and add ripped clothes or gauze.

Find the DIY instructions for these projects and more at the Halloween decorating section on the Savers website.

Have a Great Halloween for Less With Savers Thrift Stores