Review: Kids Headless Horseman Costume from HalloweenCostumes.comWhen asked me if I wanted to work with them again on a review (I did Mad Hatter with them last year, and they’re such a pleasure to work with, I of course said yes), I grabbed Jake and had him dig through their huge site to choose something. I thought for sure he’d go with either Spyro or some sort of super hero, so I was really surprised when he picked the Kids Headless Horseman costume instead! He usually shies away from anything even remotely scary. I think he’s trying to get over his Halloween fears, though. Dressing up in a scary costume shows him that they really are just costumes. After all, he’s hardly headless himself!

The Headless Horseman costume comes with the vest with sleeves and cape, inflatable shoulders, and, of course, the headless neck. It arrived this weekend and Jake wanted to try it on right away. After some initial confusion about how to put it all together, we managed to get it on. It’s not that the costume is difficult, it just takes a moment to go through all the components and determine what goes where. We still need to get black pants, so I cropped out Jacob’s bottom half.

Review: Kids Headless Horseman Costume from

In the dark, you won’t be able to see his eyes. The rubber head part has two eye holes, and those are covered by the see-through mesh that goes up over his face. Obviously, we need to make a few adjustments on Halloween night to make sure everything stays where it’s supposed to.

The inflatable shoulder parts are actually two squares that you blow up, then attach to your child sort of like a vest. They do require a little lung power to inflate because they’re made of super sturdy material so they won’t pop. In the back, the cape comes down almost to Jacob’s feet.

Review: Kids Headless Horseman Costume from

The headless neck has great, albeit a little gross, detail. This is, of course, Jacob’s favorite part.

Review: Kids Headless Horseman Costume from

Jacob was a little worried that he would scare himself when he looked in the mirror, but he was actually quite pleased with the results! Like I said, we’ll have to do a little tweaking on Halloween night to make sure everything stays in place, but you’re going to have to do that with any costume. I’m really excited about his choice because it’s so different from what he usually goes with. Aside from when he was really little and I got to choose his costume, this is the first time he hasn’t gone with a super hero theme.

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Of course, if your child does want something along the super hero lines, has pretty much anything you can think of. They have costumes for the whole family. I was surprised to see that they even have maternity costumes! I browsed the women’s costumes a bit before deciding to let Jacob pick one for himself, and I was really pleased to see that while they do have sexy costumes, they also have a wide selection of costumes that are a little more on the modest side. The whole site is very organized, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. is having a pretty great sale right now, with discounts up to 90% off. Some accessories start as low as $1.99. Just head to their front page and scroll down to check out the deals.

Since Halloween is approaching pretty fast, I suggest ordering by the end of this week.  They do ship really fast, but once it’s out of their hands, it really depends on the speed of the shipping method. If you want your costume by Halloween, for standard shipping get your order in by October 18th. If you’re willing to pay extra for priority, you have until about the 22nd.

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