When Jacob was about three, he suddenly developed a huge fear of anything even remotely scary. It was strange, because prior to that, he was oddly fascinated with monsters. For a few years, I had to be pretty vigilant about any frightening themes in his books or TV shows. It was a little difficult at times because the oddest things freaked him out. I wish My1story had been around back then (or if it was, that I knew about it). The stories are familiar, yet with a new, less-scary twist.


Jack and the Magic Beans

Remember Jack and the Beanstalk, with the giant that walks around talking about how he smells the blood of an Englishman? All that fe-fi-fo-fumming can be a little scary to a child, especially since it’s pretty clear that the giant intends to eat Jack! In My1story Jack and the Magic Beans, the giant has no intention of eating anyone. In fact, he really just wants to play with Jack! The two have a wonderful day filled with adventure together with Beanie’s favorite stuffed animal, Goosy. When Jack leaves, though, he makes Beanie cry by taking Goosy along with him. Although Jack didn’t mean to hurt his new friend, he didn’t ask permission and Beanie thought his Goosy was lost forever! Jack learns a valuable lesson and promises to never take something without asking again.

My1story: Jack and the Magic Beans Review + Giveaway

Parents also have the option of purchasing adorable plush characters that go along with the story. Jacob and I received Beanie along with Jack and the Magic Beans. He’s super soft and sized just right for little arms. Since Jake has him all snuggled up and you can’t see his face, here’s another picture for a better look:

My1story: Jack and the Magic Beans Review + Giveaway

Jake’s Thoughts on My1story Jack and the Magic Beans

Although he’s mostly grown out of his fears, Jake still doesn’t like anything scary before bedtime. He really enjoyed Jack and the Magic Beans, and he definitely loves his Beanie plush. I asked him if he understood the moral of the story, and he told me that it is bad to take something without asking permission. He felt sorry for Beanie, and was glad that Jack learned his lesson.  He did say that they really need to make a Goosy stuffed animal too. After the story, we talked about how much we wish we had magic beans too!

Take the Story Further with the My1Story Website

My1story.com allows you to carry the story and the lessons even further with games, videos, and even more stories. The books and plush characters are sold exclusively on Amazon. Jack and the Magic Beans and Beanie would make a wonderful holiday gift for any child, especially younger children who aren’t ready for the frightening imagery and themes in most of our classic fairy tales.

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My1story: Jack and the Magic Beans Review + Giveaway