Super Easy Pumpkin Craft for Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Need a last-minute idea for decorating miniature pumpkins? The above craft is really easy and requires only a few easy steps!

  1.  Get three tiny pumpkins, preferably in slightly different sizes. I suggest hitting your local pumpkin patch and grabbing the cheap ones. We got these for $.50 cents.
  2. Stack them on top of each other. Make sure you break the stem off the bottom and middle pumpkin. If they won’t stay stacked, try adding a toothpick as a sort of screw. Mine stayed stacked just fine without, though.
  3.  Spray paint them white. Of course, you could pain them any color you want, really, but we went with white because they look like ghosts.
  4. Write “B” on the top one, “O” in the middle, and “O” on the bottom. (Or have a super meticulous and awesome boyfriend write it for you, since his artistic skills are way better!) Sal used a plain old Sharpie to accomplish this part.
  5. Embellish the letters a bit to make them even more spooky.

That’s it! All done, and you have a really cute decoration that you can put on your mantle or anywhere else. Crafting doesn’t get much easier than that! Thank you again to Sal, my wonderful boyfriend, who ran with Jacob’s idea of creating a pumpkin ghost! You all know I’m not the craftiest person on the planet, and my letters wouldn’t have looked quite as pretty. In fact, if you stink at lettering, just save yourself the hassle and go buy some stick on ones! Or use a stencil.

Do you have any really cute and easy Halloween decoration ideas to share? Remember, the key word is EASY! If a toddler could do it, there’s a strong chance that I could accomplish it. Then again, there’s also a strong chance that the toddler’s version would look better!