TogetherCounts mainlogo 1 Together Counts Fall Fun: Heading to the Harvest FestivalFall is my favorite season for so many reasons. The stinging bugs die off or go into hibernation (or whatever it is that stinging bugs do during the winter), the leaves turn beautiful shades before they vanish for the winter, and the temperatures are friendly enough that you don’t have to wear a parka to go outdoors, yet cool enough that you’re not sweating up a storm with each step. I also love all the different harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, and other cool things that there are to do in my area come October.

This year, we headed to the Quiet Valley Farms Fall Harvest Festival for a fun day together. Quiet Valley is a living historical farm, so it’s like stepping back into the 1800s. This year was extra fun because Sal and his two kids came along. The farm is pretty big, with a lot of hills, so there was a lot of walking involved. I think our favorite part of the day was petting the animals. The goats really loved Sal and his daughter!

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We spent a good 20 minutes in line to buy some griddle cakes. They cook them right there over a fire, so it takes forever to get your order. But at 3 for $1, it was definitely worth the wait! They were hot off the…what do you call that little cooking thing? Grill? Burner? Hot plate? Whatever it is, they were pretty awesome! I felt bad for the girl cooking them, the smoke kept going in her eyes.

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Jacob, of course, had to get in his “goofy” time. He pretended that this rock was a sinking ship. Ahoy! I love that Jacob can turn something as simple as a rock into an adventure. He definitely has my imagination!

100 5051 Together Counts Fall Fun: Heading to the Harvest Festival

Jake also took his chances on the balance rope, which was built by a local Boy Scouts troop. He didn’t quite make it across, but I was really proud of him for trying.

100 5056 Together Counts Fall Fun: Heading to the Harvest Festival

Later this month, we plan to head to the Pumpkin Patch for some more fall family fun. What does your family do in the fall to get out and get active?

This post is being sponsored by Together Counts, a program designed to inspire families to eat together, play together, and find balance in their lives. I love that the program focuses on moderation rather than “good vs. bad.” Instead of lecturing about eating the right foods all the time, the program encourages you to balance the calories that you consume with the calories that you burn. It’s a first-of-its kind coalition that brings together more than 195 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and professional sports organizations.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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