UnJunk Halloween with UNREAL Candy! #GetUnrealThis past weekend was a busy one! After going to the Harvest Festival with the family, we headed to a friend’s house for my UnJunk your Halloween UnReal Candy party. For those who haven’t heard of UNREAL, it’s a new candy that takes out all the random junk that makes candy less than healthy while leaving only the good stuff behind. Rather than load up your chocolate with hydrogenated oils or artificial colors, flavors,and preservatives, UNREAL creates tasty confections that use real ingredients. For example, you’ll find pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup in their delicious chocolates, along with real cocoa and milk.

The UNREAL Halloween Party

I hosted the UNREAL party at my friends house because it’s a central gathering spot for all of us. Along with me, Jacob, Sal, and his two children, our party included my friend Beth, her husband Mike, her three children ages 10-15, her adult daughter Thea, Thea’s boyfriend, and their friend. Basically, I had just enough gift bags for everyone and still managed to snag one for myself so I could actually try out the candy.

UNREAL was really generous with the party package. I received a whole retail box of the chocolate with candy shells, chocolate and peanuts with candy shells, chocolate caramel nougat bars, chocolate caramel peanut nougat bars, and peanut butter and chocolate cups.

UnJunk Halloween with UNREAL Candy! #GetUnreal

They also sent cute little black gift bags that are perfect for the Halloween theme. I stuffed all the candy into the bags to hand out to the guests.

UnJunk Halloween with UNREAL Candy! #GetUnreal

UnJunk Halloween with UNREAL Candy! #GetUnreal

I tried to make everyone wait until after dinner to start grabbing the bags, but the older “kids” apparently had other ideas! They each tried something different, and everyone remarked that the candy tasted awesome. Honestly, they seemed a little surprised that it tasted good. I think they were expecting it to taste like weird health food or something. The only one said he could taste the difference was Beth’s 15-year-old son, but he’s not really a big candy person to begin with.

After all the kids tried their goodies, I finally had a chance to taste them myself. Since my pictures came out so cruddy at the party (have I mentioned how badly I need a new camera? Mine is taking horrible pics when I have to use the flash), I took another picture of my personal stash once I got home. I already ate the yummy purple bar (the chocolate caramel peanuts and nougat).

UnJunk Halloween with UNREAL Candy! #GetUnreal

Personally, I think they’re delicious! I’ll admit, I too was a little skeptical at first. I’m an extremely picky eater, and I like certain candy the way it is. To me, though, they taste richer than their counterparts in the candy world. Maybe its because they stripped out all the junk that gets in the way of the true flavor of cocoa and the other base ingredients. Plus, the peanut candy coated chocolate pieces didn’t give me heartburn the way certain other candies of that style does sometimes.

Bottom line: If I like it, chances are you will too. Remember, I’m pretty much the second pickiest person on Earth (my son comes in first!).

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored campaign. I received the party kit and monetary compensation to write this post. My opinions, as always, are entirely my own.