bs circlelogo orange Unleash Their Creativity with Brilliant Sky Toys & BooksEvery now and then, a toy and book store comes along that offers way more than just the latest fads in action figures or character-based board games. A store with a passion for finding only the best books, toys and games that both educate, entertain, or bring a little something unique into a child’s life. One of those stores is Brilliant Sky Toys & Books. Founds Brent and Sonia Taylor wanted to open more than just another average toy store, they wanted a fully integrated experience. A place where children could come interact and explore safely while immersed in a vivid yet serene environment.

The Taylors launched their first store in Michigan in 2002, and now have a small chain of 15 stores spreading throughout the east coast and Midwest. They are currently opening their 16th store in Houston, Texas. Those fortunate enough to live in one of their store locations can check out the atmosphere of Brilliant Sky in person. For the rest of us, fortunately they also offer an online shopped filled with their specially chosen merchandise.

Brilliant Sky Believe in Awarding Brilliance

Brilliant Sky Toys selects their merchandise based on quality, the toys’ ability to allow children to have plenty of open-ended play, and toys that simply delight children. They’ve even come up with their own award to highlight toys that go above and beyond their basic ideals. This year, they chose 7 different toys ranging from those for infants all the way up to the tween years, plus a few honorable mentions. Jacob and I had a chance to try out the Starry Night Master Kits, one of the honorable mentions in the Brilliant Sky Brilliance away. Master Kitz allow you or your child to recreate famous painting without spending years perfecting their techniques. Van Gogh happens to be a favorite of mine, and I’ve always loved his Starry Nigh.

Master Kitz1 Unleash Their Creativity with Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

Using the Master Kitz to Create a Mastepiece

The Master Kitz comes with everything your need to recreate some of the most famous works of art: paper, paints, pastels, rollers, templates, and easy to follow instructions. The booklet also teaches your child about the artist and the famous work of art, making it both an educational and hands-on kit.

MasterKitz3 Unleash Their Creativity with Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

The instructions are really easy to follow. First, put your stars where you want them. The stickers will keep that part of the paper plain while you paint the base. Basically, you use the textured roller to cover the paper with blue, then white. Then you take the star stickers off and fill them in with the pastels. Next, place the template over the paper and paint the exposed spaces black. Finally, use the pastels again to add texture and detail. Our end result may not be a duplicate of Starry Night, but we still thought it came out pretty cool!

masterkitz4 Unleash Their Creativity with Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

You can find the Master Kitz and other amazing toys for kids of all ages both in stores and online at Brilliant Sky Toys and Book. Check out their Facebook page to keep up with news and deals!

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