Gifts for Her: Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager

Note: This post refers to a site that requires you to be 18 to enter, although the content of the post is not too adult-oriented.

Want to get your girl a great romantic gift that she can actually open in front of the family? Pure Romance has a great selection of beauty, bath, and intimate products, many of which are discreet enough that even your grandmother wouldn’t be embarrassed to see her open it! We tried out the Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager, a classy little gel heart that heats up so you can give your partner a nice massage to work out those kinks after a long day!

For many couples, especially those with kids, romance isn’t exactly high on the list of things to accomplish in any given week. If you have kids, you know how snoopy they can be, so many couples don’t really want to have obvious intimacy products around, no matter how carefully they’re hidden. The Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager isn’t at all obvious. See, it looks like a little, gel-filled heart. Gifts for Her: Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager

The heart is filled with a special gel and a metal disk. When you snap the disk, the gel solidifies a bit and heats up to 129 degrees Fahrenheit. The heart heats up pretty quickly and stays hot for about an hour. It feels wonderful on tense muscles! Once you crack the disk, you can heat it up again by boiling it in water for about 7-10 minutes. Aside from its intimacy-enhancing qualities, the Hot Heart Massager is pretty great for cold winter nights. You can even slip it in your pocket to warm your hands! I have been without power for a week now, and I’m kind of wishing we didn’t already snap the disk because my bedroom has been freezing! Alas, I have no way to boil water right now to warm it up again.

Pure Romance: From Demurely Discreet to Oh-La-La!

Pure Romance has many other very discreet romantic gifts, including aromatic massage oils that would go great with the Hot Heart Massager. They also have some great Tingling Lip Glosses that make your kisses extra sweet. Sal has a weird aversion to lip balm (he calls it lip grease), so I couldn’t try those. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more spicy (something that definitely can’t be opened in front of grandma!), Pure Romance definitely has you covered there as well! Plus, if you find yourself falling in love with their products and know your friends would enjoy them too, you can become a consultant and make some extra money in your spare time!

Gifts for Her: Pure Romance Hot Heart Massager