Gifts for Him: Rose Romano's Italian PeppersOkay, technically anyone can enjoy Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers, but my boyfriend was super excited to try these out, so I’m putting them under “gifts for him” Hey, buying for guys is hard! We need as many selections as possible! Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers are gourmet products that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Add them to a sauce base, pour them on top of your nachos, or even use them to make a boring egg sandwich more exciting, as Sal did.

The Rose Romano Story

Part of the charm of Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers is the story behind the company. Dr. Marshall Angotti,  the culinary genius who creates the peppers has a background as a scientist. I’ve found that when someone who really understands science, especially chemistry, makes a culinary product, it’s an exceptional experience.

Combine the knowledge of science, the desire to invent something new, and a strong Italian heritage, and you’ve got Rose Romano Italian Peppers. Angotti spent his entire life working with Italian Peppers. When his family came to the US in the early 1900s, they opened up grocery stores and sold their peppers, which were canned by hand. As a young child, Angotti’s part in the business was to wash the jars. As he got older, he became more involved. Eventually, he took the family pepper business to a whole new level, and now people everywhere can enjoy the experience.

About Rose Romano Italian Peppers

Rose Romano Italian Peppers are created from locally sourced peppers. They are gluten-free and low in calories, so you can get a healthy meal without sacrificing taste. Plus, there are no artificial preservatives. While you can get as creative as you want with the Italian Peppers, but for those who need step-by-step directions and a little inspiration, the Rose Romano website features 30 different recipes to try out.

Sal tried out the Red Pepper variety on his breakfast sandwich. He also took the picture, because he’s way better at making things look pretty than I am!

Rose Romano Italian Peppers

This holiday season, give a gift that shows you have great taste (pun totally intended!) with  Rose Romano Italian Peppers. The online store has several options, including mixed sets of two, four, or six jars of their two delicious flavors- Red Pepper and Green Pepper. Mine came packaged in a really cool crate that can be reused. Visit Rose Romano online, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to learn more.