Gifts for Kids: A is For Ketchup BookTired of reading the same old “A is for Apple” type books to your kids? Looking for a more upbeat and fun way to teach them the alphabet and letter sounds? Then you’ll love A is for Ketchup byXavier Finkley. Rather than produce another cookie-cutter alphabet book, Finkley created a learning adventure that appeals to both parents and children.

The book presents a wrong letter association for each letter, like “A is for Ketchup,” then after a great big “NOOO!”, kids are told a word that actually goes with the letter.


I think kids learn much better when they’re actually having fun. They get enough mundane, straight-forward 1+1=2 learning in school, so it’s really up to parents to make learning fun at home. My son had a great time in first grade because he had an amazing teacher who really knew how to engage the kids with hands-on activities. This year, he dreads going every day and doesn’t like his teacher, plus he thinks school is boring and wishes he could just skip learning entirely. It’s such a huge difference and it makes me really sad. I also feel pressured to give him even more fun learning opportunities at home to supplement for the information he’s missing because he’s zoning out at school. Hey, I can’t blame the kid, I daydreamed through my most of my school career and taught myself what I needed on my own.

Books like A is For Ketchup definitely make it easier to give kids that home learning experience, or get them ready before they start kindergarten. The illustrations are funny and engaging, and the story is short enough to read before bedtime together. Plus it’s great for all the early stages of reading. For preschoolers, it teaches the alphabet. Pre-k kiddos will learn about word association. The book is easy enough for young elementary school kids to read themselves, whcih helps with their reading skills. It’s just an all-around fun book.

A is For Ketchup is published by CreateSpace and retails on Amazon for $9.99.  Xavier Finkley is teh author of numerous funny children’s book, including “Poop: There it Is,” Benny’s Boogers,” and “Mommy Might Snap.” I can totally relate to that last one! Any of his books would make a fun stocking stuffer for kids.