Gifts for Kids: Fun and Inspiring Goodies from Knock KnockI first came across Knock Knock while perusing some of my favorite blogs, and was really intrigued by all the different ways they inspire kids to use their imagination (not to mention all the fun products they have for adults!). I was thrilled to get the chance to check them out first-hand, and agonized over which of their many items to review. I finally chose the This…Or That? Activity Pad. Jacob loves activity books that ask him different questions, so this was absolutely perfect for him. Plus, I can keep it and show it to him when he’s all grown up, so he can see what he was like when he was 7.

The This…or That Activity Pad features 106 super fun pages that ask kids different things like “Piano or Drum?” The left page features one choice, while the left features the other. The great thing is, kids really don’t have to choose! On each page, the “This” or “That” is broken down into questions relating to the topic. For example, with the “Piano or Drum” pages, the piano page asks “What is Your Favorite Song,” “What is your favorite music>” and more.

Gifts for Kids: Fun and Inspiring Goodies from Knock Knock

The questions really get kids thinking and using their imagination. Some of them are pretty straight forward and grounded in reality, like the music questions, while others require a little more inspired thought, like the super power and magic questions. Jacob spent a good two hours answering questions one night. Since he has problems with his handwriting, it was also great practice for him! He’ll write for hours about things he actually enjoys, but cries when he has to do “three times each” for his spelling homework. Anything that gets my son writing is great in my book!

Gifts for Kids: Fun and Inspiring Goodies from Knock KnockWe also had a chance to try out the “I’m an Artist Playtime Pad.” Jake enjoys drawing, and has been really into creating his own card game lately. This pad is perfectly sized for tucking in his bag or my purse when we go out. It has a space for a title and artist signature, plus check boxes to decide whether it’s an cool masterpiece, creative picture, and more. It comes with 40 sheets and 60 stickers. Plus, you can hang it on the wall with the attached ribbon! Ours is hanging in our living room.

Knock Knock has so many other cool items, and not just for kids. They have humorous notepads, sticky notes, books, and accessories for just about anyone on your list. I highly recommend checking them out. It’s hard not to be inspired!


Gifts for Kids: Fun and Inspiring Goodies from Knock Knock