For the first time ever, I’m kind of at a loss on what to buy for Jacob this year. Usually, he has a list a mile long of every single toy under the sun. This year, he’s only asking for three things, and one is a rare Skylander that I probably won’t be able to find anywhere. I begged him to tell me what else he wants, and he just keeps saying he wants the rest to be a surprise. Basically, I have my work cut out for me.  Fortunately, I spend a lot of time looking at toys for this site, and reading reviews on my favorite blogs, so I’ve come up with a few decent ideas. If you’re stuck, check out these great toy ideas for boys.


Five Great Toys for Boys Age 8+

  • Angry Birds Star Wars Plush Toys

Great Gift Ideas for Kids: Toys for Boys

Boys love Star Wars, and they really love Angry Birds. Well, now they don’t have to choose between the two! Get them a Star Wars Angry Birds plush toy for their stocking and they’ll have the best of both worlds.


You really can’t go wrong with LEGOs. With so many different varieties and price ranges, there’s definitely something for every interest and budget. Jacob still can’t quite assemble the sets himself, so I end up spending hours putting together his LEGO kits every year, but he has so much fun playing with them that I don’t mind. Okay, I’m lying. I spend a lot of time swearing and cursing the mad genius who thought it was a good idea to make kits with pieces the size of a pinhead, but hey, they do make my kid happy. That’s what Christmas is all about.

  • Skylander Giants

The Skylander Giants are at the very top of Jake’s list. I imagine they’re pretty high up on most lists! Most of Jake’s presents under the tree this year will be the Giants. They have some brand new characters specific to the expansion game, and some of the older characters with a newer look. Jake wants them all!

  • Moshi Monsters

Jacob discovered the joy of Moshi Monsters earlier this year when he stumbled across the online game. He’s been really into gaming lately, and I love that these cute little monsters are age appropriate. The Moshi Monsters aren’t just online, of course. They’ve smashed their way into the real world in the form of toys, plush animals, board games and more.

  • Spiderman Toys

With Jake, I can never go wrong grabbing at least one new Spiderman toy. Actually, just about any super hero will do, but he’s always been a huge fan of the webslinger. This year, I’ll also get him the new movie to go along with yet a new collection of Spiderman toys.

So what’s on your son’s Christmas list? I need more ideas! Leave me a comment, and I’ll be eternally grateful when my kid is smiling on Christmas morning because of your suggestions.


Great Gift Ideas for Kids: Toys for Boys