JumpSport iBounce TrampolineJacob has been begging for a trampoline for a while now. His best friend has one, and he spends hours on it when we go to their house. Unfortunately, an outdoor trampoline is just not in the budget right now. Plus, I don’t really have a good, flat space to put one in my back yard. The JumpSport iBounce, however, is perfect for him because it is meant to be used indoors! While it’s designed for kids ages 2-5, the weight limit goes up to 80 pounds, which is great because Jacob just barely hits 50.  He’s a little small for his age, and for once that comes in handy for him.

Features of the JumpSport iBounce

  • Sturdy metal frame and jumping surface
  • Triangular shape to make it a little easier to tuck into a corner when not in use.
  • Strong, long-lasting bungee cords
  • Cute cover to hide the “works”
  • Fun, interactive DVDs that get kids up and moving.
  • Measures 48″ x 48″ x 28″, handles are 34 inches from the floor.

Assembling the iBounce

The iBounce comes in pieces, so you’ll have to put it together before your child can enjoy it. I have to tell you, I am horrible at assembling things. Like really horrible. I typically put at least one thing on backwards or wrong, so of course I managed to goof up the assembling of the iBounce. Follow the directions carefully (yes, that’s so important it needs to be in bold) otherwise you’ll find yourself unscrewing things that you shouldn’t have already tightened in the first place. It took me about an hour to put it together by myself. It’s not that it was difficult-once you got the first part done it was actually easy- it just would have been easier if someone helped me. Once I got it together while Jake was at school, Piper the cat gave it a test spin. She’s, um, a little more of a tubby than a tabby.

Keep Kids Active with the JumpSport iBounce


Jacob’s Opinion of the JumpSport iBounce

Okay, now that the basic specs are out of the way, I’m excited to tell you just how much Jacob loves his JumpSport iBounce. As soon as he got home that evening, he kicked the cat off what she thinks is her new home, and started jumping. I don’t think he’s stopped since! When we were without power for 8 days, he jumped so much that he kept himself nice and toasty while the rest of us were shivering in misery. It also gave him something to do during the day! Huge thank you to JumpSport for that!

Check out the look of extreme jumping concentration on his face! There were some other really funny expressions, but I think he’ll be really mad at me later in life if I post them!

Keep Kids Active with the JumpSport iBounce

Cooper was a little concerned about all the bouncing going on! Or maybe he was just jealous because he exceeds the 80 pound weight limit.

Keep Kids Active with the JumpSport iBounce

Getting Active with the RompyRoo™ Exercise Adventure DVDs

The JumpSport iBounce is super fun on its own, but add in the Hop-A-Long with RompidyRoo exercise videos and jumping also become a learning experience. Jacob liked the “Let the Games Begin” DVD, which gives kids an instruction as well as educational lessons while they jump. The video starts with a lesson on counting by 10s, then gives kids a chance to stomp like dinosaurs before heading to the barnyard. Each different activity is relatively short, so it keeps kids attention.

I took video, but the lighting in my house isn’t great. Also, it’s kind of a mess, so just go ahead and pretend that it looks pristine in the background! Also, don’t ask why my wall has both a Halloween decoration and Christmas stocking on it. Only Jacob knows the reason for that. Still, you can hear the video in the background and see the iBounce in action.

Keep Kids Active with the JumpSport iBounce