Make Holiday Shopping Easier With the eBay Holiday Gift GuideI love gift guides. Obviously, since I have one on my site, I must, right? While I’m enjoying putting that together, I also really love browsing other gift guides. I especially love when those guides are tied to great deals. eBay has always been home to some of the best deals on the Internet. Now, this holiday season, they’re making it even easier to be the ultimate Santa with their eBay Holiday Gift Guide app on Facebook.

Jacob loves making Christmas lists as much as I do, and he had a great time browsing the toys on the eBay Holiday Gift Guide app. He pretty much added every single toy for boys in his age group. It’s really easy to get started. Just sign in with your Facebook, create a new “workshop” for each child, and let them drag and drop the toys to their wishlist.

Make Holiday Shopping Easier With the eBay Holiday Gift Guide


Make Holiday Shopping Easier With the eBay Holiday Gift Guide

When your child is done creating their wishlist, you can send it to the North Pole. That takes you to a screen with “buy” buttons that take you directly to an eBay listing for the item. You can also use the eBay Holiday Gift Guide App to create lists for friends and family. Just start typing a name, and select the right person from the drop-down menu. Once you select someone, the app gives you personalized recommendations based on that person’s Facebook activity. Admittedly, the personal recommendations for Sal were a little off base, but it’s still a pretty cool feature.

Prefer to do your list making on the go? eBay makes it easy to shop anywhere/anytime through the mobile app found at You can update your shopping lists while standing in line at the bank!

Enter the eBay Holiday Gift Shop sweepstakes

Make Holiday Shopping Easier With the eBay Holiday Gift Guide

The convenience factor alone is enough to make the app worth using, but if you need an extra incentive, how about a sweepstakes? Create a gift list for yourself, your friends and family, or your child and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. Each day, eBay will give one lucky person one of the items on their wish list. You can also win eBay gift cards!

Note- I was hired by Splash Creative Media to write this post on behalf of eBay. My opinions are my own.