This past weekend, I gathered up Jacob and a few of his friends for a super fantastic, wild and crazy (as crazy as 7-10 year old kids can get, which is pretty darn crazy) Batman party thanks to MommyParties. I have to tell you, they went all out on this one! We had tablecloths, cups, napkins, goodie bags, huge Mylar balloons, and, of course, tons of great new Batman toys for each of the kids to play with and take home.


Batman1 Partying with Batman: Power Attack Style


Look at all those amazing goodies! Seriously, the party package was so stuffed with fun Batman-themed items, I couldn’t get it all in one picture.

Batman2 Partying with Batman: Power Attack Style

You can’t have a party without goodie bags, and we had some really cool ones to give out! Now, I usually give goodie bags at the end of parties, but the boys really wanted to check them out right away, so I changed up the rules a bit. While I could have lived without the whistle (how is one little object so loud?), Jake thought that was pretty awesome.

batman4 Partying with Batman: Power Attack Style

After that, we brought out the real fun part: the Mattel’s Batman Power Attack action figures! The boys were absolutely thrilled, and they tore into the packages as fast as they could. Sal and I were both impressed that the standard-sized figures were extremely easy to liberate from their packaging. The Deluxe figures did take a little more work, but nothing too horrific.

Batman3 Partying with Batman: Power Attack Style

The Deluxe Figures even come with a cardboard “target” in the shape of a villain. I thought that was a nice touch.

batman5 Partying with Batman: Power Attack Style

We hosted the party the day before Thanksgiving, and my mom had the kitchen pretty well occupied with cooking, so food-wise we pretty much stuck to snacks and juice. Really, they were having so much fun playing, I don’t think I could have torn them away for an elaborate meal anyway.

The party kit came with a Batman Brave and The Bold Complete Season Three DVD, so I put that on for the boys to watch while they were playing. Jacob is a huge fan of that show. He has the Wii Game too, so he really got into the show too.The party was a huge success, and several of the boys opted to cut out the back of the packaging that shows the other figures they can get. I’m sure Batman Power Attack action figures will be on all their holiday wish lists this year!

Note: I received a free party kit thanks to MomSelect MommyParties. My opinions are my own.

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