R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour Party #thehauntinghourR.L. Stine really makes me nostalgic for my childhood. I remember reading his Fear Street books way back when I was barely a teenager! Now, over two decades later, he’s still going strong with his Goosebumps book series and The Haunting Hour TV Series. In fact, The Haunting Hour just kicked off the third season with a two-part episode called “Grampires.” Does the face of “Grampires” look familiar? It should! It’s none other than the diverse, ever-entertaining Christopher Lloyd, best known for his role as Doc in the Back to the Future series.

Thanks to MommyParties, we had the chance to host our own viewing party for the two-part episode, complete with fun glow-in-the-dark vampire fangs, HUB slap bands, and Grampires t-shirts for the guests. I had planned to make the party a lot more involved, but due to my surgery and everyone getting ready for the hurricane, it ended up being more low-key. Also, all my pictures are on my main computer (I’m running my son’s laptop off the generator), so I’ll add those in as soon as my power comes back on.

Grandpa, what big teeth you have!

In “Grampires,” Christopher Lloyd plays- you guessed it- a grandfather who happens to be a vampire. He does a pretty good job of keeping his bloodsucking instincts under control, and looks forward to spending a little quality time with his very human grandchildren. Unfortunately, the rest of his creepy retirement community- Sunset Estates- isn’t exactly following the same non-human diet as Gramps. Lloyd has to keep his grandchildren safe, deal with a bit of an uprising, and still manage to fit in a little Bingo before the sun comes up!

Sounds funny, right? Well, it is…somewhat. It’s also actually pretty scary! Not the type of scary that is going to cause nightmares for your own little brood of human children, but enough that it will give them the heebie jeebies here and there. Aside from Grandpa, all the vampires are pretty nasty, and they want nothing more than to enjoy a little midnight snack along with their Bingo game.

Grampires from the “boys” point of view.

The majority of my party guests were boys age 7-10, and they all found Grampires entertaining. Jacob used to be terrified of vampires, but recently decided to get over his fear, and seeing them portrayed in a somewhat humorous manner helps. The fact that Grandpa was a vampire yet still loved his grandchildren and tried to protect them helped cast the bloodsuckers in a more positive light.

Sal watched the show with the kids, and he thought it was pretty fun. I think he was actually as excited about the t-shirts, stickers and vampire fangs as the kids were! He’s a huge fan of horror movies, especially the really gory ones that I usually don’t get into. While the Haunting Hour series is pretty light on the blood and guts factor, they’re kind of like horror movies for kids. We’ll definitely be checking out more episodes in the future.

New episodes of The Haunting Hour series airs on the HUB at 6PM ET on Saturdays.

Note: I received t-shirts, goodies, and a screener from MommyParties. My opinions are my own.