It's a SpongeBob Christmas! DVD ReviewRemember back in the day when most of the Christmas specials were made with stop-motion animation? All the classics were done that way, from Rudolph to The Year Without a Santa Claus and more. Now, Spongebob joins the list with their brand new holiday specials It’s a Spongebob Christmas. When Plankton, that miniscule evil genius, creates Jerktonium, everyone in Bikini Bottom becomes, well, a jerk! Everyone, that is, except the perpetually peppy SpongeBob! Now, it’s up to the little yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea to save Christmas for everyone.

I watched It’s a SpongeBob Christmas with Jacob when the power was out and we were running our lives through a generator. Since he had to stay downstairs with us all day and night, I didn’t have a chance to watch any grownup shows during those eight long days. The double-episode special made for a great distraction from the cold, and served as a nice reminder that my favorite time of the year is just around the corner. I thought it was really cute! Jacob really loved it, he watched it three times in a row.

While it would have been nice if there were a few more episodes on the DVD, the 22 minute special was just enough to get us into the holiday spirit. At first, Jacob wasn’t really sure if he was going to like the stop and go animation style, but in the end he thought it was really cool. He’s watched all the old Christmas specials before, so it wasn’t new to him, it was just a new way to see all his favorite SpongeBob characters.

Of course, no Christmas special would be complete without a few songs, and It’s A SpongeBob Christmas has plenty of those! I think “Don’t Be  a Jerk, It’s Christmas” should qualify as an instant classic! There were so many great songs in the 22-minute feature that they even made an entire Christmas album from it. You can download the entire It’s a SpongeBob Christmas album on Amazon.

Want a peek at the new SpongeBob special? Check out this great video to see what it’s all about.


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It's a SpongeBob Christmas! DVD Review