Elf MagicThis year, I decided to start a new tradition with Jacob in an attempt to hang on to the holiday magic with him a little longer. He’s seven, and while he does still believe in Santa, I’m starting to realize that I don’t have many more years of that. He’s already starting to question everything and no longer believes I can call Santa on my “magic phone,” which, admittedly, is a little lame since it’s basically just my hands mimicking the shape of a phone. I thought if I could get a Magic Elf from Elf Magic to come visit, it would convince him to believe a little longer. Although it got off to a rocky start, I think it’s working!

To kick-start this new tradition, I had Jacob ask Santa to send him a magical elf for the holidays. Those without easy access to the big man himself could simply send a letter, but since I work as the manager for my local Santa photo set, I thought it would be even more fun to have Jake talk to him in person. Once Santa assured Jacob that he would do his best to send an elf, I waited a few days to unleash the magic. We left out the traditional elf snack of crackers and ice-water before bed one night, and the next day, Reuben magically appeared!

Reuben the Elf was super excited to discover that Jacob had plenty of cool structures just right for an elf to hide in. While I think he would have been more comfortable in the Batcave, Reuben really wanted to check out the Joker’s fun house.

Elf2 We Started a New Holiday Tradition with Elf Magic

Our little visitor really got into the Thanksgiving feast, and apparently needed to go back for seconds. Either that, or he just really missed the chilly temperatures of the North Pole. Of course, he couldn’t find room in our freezer, so I suppose the fridge had to do.

Elf1 We Started a New Holiday Tradition with Elf Magic

Reuben also knows the value of reading to children, and I think he wanted to make sure that we kept up with our nightly bedtime story, because we also found him hiding out in the bookcase. I wonder what his favorite book is?

elf3 We Started a New Holiday Tradition with Elf Magic

Remember that rocky start I mentioned earlier? Well, at first Jacob insisted that Reuben was a fraud, a mere stuffed puppet sent to trick him into complacency. He even tried to use the tag on Reuben’s side as evidence! Fortunately, that tag says “Made with Love,” thus proving my point that Santa turned him into a special plush creature to make the transition from the North Pole to the Poconos a little easier. Now he’s thrilled with our special visitor, and looking forward to seeing what other adventures Reuben has in mind.

Want your own special Elf Magic elf? Have your child write a letter to Santa asking for one, then head to Elf Magic and pick out a special holiday friend for your family. Your children are sure to love this holiday tradition as much as we do!


Review Disclaimer1 We Started a New Holiday Tradition with Elf Magic

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