Guest Post: Winter skin care- How to keep dryness away?

Winter is a time to bid goodbye to that incessant heat wave and profuse sweat. With the harsh sun hiding somewhere behind those clouds, most of us can now breathe a sigh of relief. Come winter, it’s  time to cuddle with your loved ones, enjoy hot coffee and laze away. Though these cold winter months appear as a relief from the blistering heat and sun tan issues, they do spell trouble for your skin yet again!

The drop in temperature is almost always accompanied by a sharp plunge in humidity (read moisture) levels in the air. Along with the sharp fall in moisture levels, the skin starts becoming parched and dry. Those hot showers and increased caffeine intake can further aggravate matters, and make you cringe and whine.

If you’re looking to sport flawless, radiant and supple skin in winters, consider adopting the following measures for  winter:

Drive away the dryness

The most annoying skin issue that accompanies winter on its annual visit is undoubtedly skin dryness. Instead of bemoaning the effects of winter on your skin, consider following the ideas discussed below:

a.     Fix the atmospheric dryness: Are you using blowers and convectors to warm yourself up during the winter? If yes, you perhaps don’t know how these indoor heating measures strip the air, and your skin, of moisture. It is advisable to start installing humidifiers in your homes. Let your humidifiers fix the atmospheric dryness and help you grapple the problem of dry weather conditions.

b.    Skip steamy showers: A hot bath before sliding into your comfortable beds indeed sounds quite tempting in the cold winter. These warm and soothing baths however, steal moisture from your skin and dry out your natural oils. If you still cannot give up on the luxury of these hot baths, consider going for shorter showers. Keep your shower temperature lukewarm.

c.     Go soft and mild: Instead of using harsh cleansers or soaps, opt for soap-free cleansers during winter. Save those harsh loofahs and sponges for summers, as winters do not need that abrasive scrub. Use soft washcloths or simply your hands instead.

d.    Smooth out parched skin and also those visible years: Chapped and itchy skin during winters can lead to formation of wrinkle. Keep your skin sufficiently moisturized and prevent those wrinkles by smoothing out Lifecell skin cream. Use cream-based cleansers and alcohol-free products. Use heavy, cream-based moisturizers that hydrate your skin. Use a proper night moisturizing cream that keeps your skin supple and hydrated. Make it a point to also cleanse and tone your skin on a regular basis, to avoid acne breakouts.

e.     Keep your skin and body hydrated: Drink plenty of water even during winter. Keep your skin hydrated from within, by drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit intake of caffeine, as it strips your body and face of moisture.

Even during winter, do not give up on your sunscreen. Sun rays continue to damage your skin even during winters. While using cosmetics, make sure you use ones that are oil or cream based. It is advisable to use powder-based makeup during winter as it gives you a caked up appearance.

Winter is almost here, and there’s so much to do! Christmas and New Year ’s Eve are just round the corner, so start preparing your skin to dazzle and glow with all its might. Get your radiant glow and flaunt your smooth and supple skin.

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Jenny Williams is an avid blogger, who writes about beautifying skin through natural remedies, wellness practices and using best therapies for skin care. Besides writing, other things that fascinate her are fashion and reading. Jenny is very particular about her writing and wardrobe. Reading is not a mere hobby, but a gratifying experience for her.