Online Reputation ManagementThese days, your online reputation is just as important, if not more so, than your “real world” reputation. It’s also much harder to keep clean! I’m sure we all have things out there that we wish we could take back. I mean, most of us were very young when we started using the Internet, and I’m sure at some point we’ve all posted something that makes us cringe now. Of course, once you put it out there, it seems to stay there forever! With a name like mine, every single search result that contains my name is referring to me, as I’m the only person with my full name in the entire US.

Of course, a logical person isn’t going to look at a post you wrote a decade ago and hold it against you, but then we all know not everyone is logical! I’ve had my past words twisted in so many ways but very unstable people that I am super careful about everything I put out there now. While it’s impossible to erase every silly thing you’ve ever done in the past, building a good online reputation going forward can really help your name or brand shine in a positive light. Online Reputation Management for Dummies by Lori Randall Stradtman can help you with that.

Topics covered in Online Reputation Management for Dummies include:

  • Creatig a strong, productive online reputation management system.
  • Achieving your brand’s goals.
  • Tips to deal with negative feedback or a major crisis.
  • Setting up an online reputation management and response team
  • Ways to create your reputation through social media
  • Tips for dealing with crises with social media, bloggers (hey now, we’re a pretty easy-going bunch, aren’t we?), and how to respond immediately to repair your reputation.

Like all the “For Dummies” books, Online Reputation Management for Dummies is really easy to read and understand. While you do need to have the basic knowledge about the different forms of social media, the tips are perfect for both beginners and advanced users. It’s definitely something that everyone who wants to create and maintain a brand or image on the internet should read. In fact, I think it’s worth a read for anyone, even if you don’t have an online business presence. Think of how much nicer the internet would be if everyone stopped for a moment to think about how their words may affect their future before posting!

Book Review: Online Reputation Management for Dummies