Cottage Garland Create a Gorgeous Holiday Display with Martha Stewart CraftsI have to admit, I’ve always been crazy jealous of Martha Stewart’s crafting talents. That woman can take just about anything and turn it into something pretty. Me? Not so much. I just don’t have crafting talent! Fortunately, with the line of Martha Stewart Crafts, you really don’t need so much talent. The kits include all the necessities, you just need to be able to follow directions! Alas, I even have issues there and almost destroyed my Cottage Christmas Icons Garland craft, but in the end, it all came together.

The Cottage Christmas Icons Garland comes with five felt shapes already decorated for you and striped string to hang them on. Theoretically, if you have even an ounce of crafting talent, it would take you about two minutes to put together a really cute string of garland. It took me about 45 minutes, 42 of which were spent untangling the string after I thought I could just pull one end and have it all ready to go. I made a huge mess full of knots!

After giving up on untangling it and opting to snip and retie, I thought I had pretty well ruined the entire garland. Then Sal, being the creative genius that he is, suggested that I tie it back together in a way that looks like the felt pieces are hanging from bows. Okay, fine, so in the end it didn’t come out as awesome as the picture, but hey, for me, I think it’s pretty great!

MarthaStewart Create a Gorgeous Holiday Display with Martha Stewart Crafts

Loads of Holiday Crafts and Goodies by Martha Stewart

If the Cottage Christmas Icon Garland isn’t your thing, Martha Stewart has dozens of other really cool craft and goodies to make your holiday more festive. We also received really cute holiday beverage labels, which I’ll be using at our holiday party.¬† I really love this Wonderland Gingerbread House Treat Box, I think it would be perfect for sending cookies home with guests!

48 30154 c Create a Gorgeous Holiday Display with Martha Stewart Crafts

What do you think? Visit the Martha Stewart Christmas section and tell me which craft or goodie you’d love to try! I could always use a little inspiration!

Review Disclaimer1 Create a Gorgeous Holiday Display with Martha Stewart Crafts

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