Finding Nemo Special Collectors Edition Swims onto Your TVIf you know the address of P. Sherman as well as you know your own address, then you’re definitely going to be excited to hear that Finding Nemo  is now available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray Hi-def and DVD in a special, brand new collectors edition. I know I was pretty excited! Seeing the most famous, and unarguably, the most awesome fish in high-def is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss. Disney did an amazing job the first time around bringing the ocean to life in vivid color, so imagine what it looks like in 3D or high definition!

I received the special Collector’s Edition of Finding Nemo, which contains the Blu-Ray and DVD version, as well as a third disc filled with Blu-Ray bonus features. In case you’ve been living in some undersea cave and never heard of Finding Nemo, here’s a brief synopsis for you:

Marlin loses love of his life and all but one of his millions of babies in a brutal attack on his anemone home. Years later, he practically suffocates his remaining child, Nemo, by being way overprotective. Nemo rebels, and ends up on a boat taken back to Sydney, Australia, where he finds himself living in a tank in the famous P. Sherman’s dental office. Marlin goes off in search of Nemo, and finds help in an unlikely source- Dory, a fish who has a major short-term memory problem. The adventure takes them throughout the ocean and ultimately to Sydney. I’m not spoiling the rest. It’s one of the cutest fish tales (pun intended) ever, and one of my all-time favorite Disney movies.

Finding Nemo Bonus Features

Seeing the movie in high-def is reason enough to grab this collector’s edition, but the fact that it’s also fully loaded with tons of bonus features definitely makes it even more worthwhile! All three of the discs have bonus features, but the main disc with the feature film is really overflowing! A few of the cooler bonus features include:

Aquariums– Featuring six different high-definition virtual aquariums that you can play, without interruption, on your high-def TV. It’s like having the ocean in your living room…without the mess!

Deleted Scenes- This feature is always one of my favorites, because it gives you a look at what the director originally wanted to include. Deleted scenes end up on cutting-room floor for so many reasons, and I love seeing whether they would have made the movie stronger or weaker. Check out this Alternate Opening clip and decide for yourself which version you like better:

Finding Nemo: A Filmmaker’s Discussion- Listen to the makers of Finding Nemo talk about bringing the film to life.


Finding Nemo Collector’s Edition is available now wherever you buy movies.
Finding Nemo Special Collectors Edition Swims onto Your TV