Scent 4Me USB Port DiffuserI know Christmas is in two days and time is pretty much out for ordering, but if you have a PartyLite consultant near you who happens to have some stock on hand, the Scent 4Me USB Port Diffuser makes a really great last-minute gift for just about anyone. Grab one to take as a hostess gift, or order one for those relatives you won’t be seeing until late next week. Hey, after Christmas is the best time to get gifts for people you won’t be seeing until after the holiday!

What is the Scent 4Me USB Port Diffuser?

Really freaking cool, that’s what it is! I am really nervous about having candles burning around my house, and all the little battery-operated diffusers that I’ve invested in over the years cost way too much once you factor in how many batteries you go through to keep it running. I have dogs, cats, and a kid who is at the height of his “bodily functions are funny” stage. I need something to make my house smell pretty!

The Scent 4Me USB Port Diffuser is super easy to use. Just open it up, pop in the scent brick thingamajig, close it, and plug it into any available USB port. I plugged mine into the front, so it can send out its delightful Spruce in the Snow scent to the whole kitchen area. Hey, I don’t have a real tree, I need to get my holiday tree scent somehow!

 How well does it work?

At first, I didn’t think my Scent 4Me USB Port Diffuser was working properly, because I couldn’t really smell anything even though I was sitting less than two feet away from it. Then I realized that the whole kitchen area had that nice Christmas tree scent to the air, and it was in fact coming from the Scent 4Me. This is actually a major plus, because it doesn’t overwhelm you while you’re sitting next to it. I imagine if I could smell it strongly that close, it would eventually give me a headache. So the air smells great, but I don’t suffer the consequences from being so close to the source!

Each Scent 4Me refill lasts up to 45 days, much longer than, say, reed diffusers. Plus, since it runs off your computer, there’s no need to keep buying batteries. It comes in a variety of scents, including the Spruce in the Snow and the Ginger Pumpkin (haven’t tried yet) scents that I received. Aside from other seasonal scents, there’s also some everyday fragrances, like Vanilla Citron and Cherry Blosson. The diffuser and starter scent pack with two refills retails for $20.

Scent 4Me USB Port Diffuser