logo main 753 GUNDlogo Gifts For Kids: Gotta Getta GUND in their Stocking!I don’t think any stocking stuffers for kids would be complete without a new stuffed animal to cuddle with on Christmas night. Perhaps it’s this line of thinking that caused the mountain of stuffed animals in Jacob’s room, but as long as he continues to love each and every one of them, I’ll probably continue to feed his addiction to all things snuggly. What’s more cuddly than a GUND plush? In my opinion, nothing. GUND has always been the number one name in plush animals as far as I’m concerned. This year, they have a plethora of super cute, cuddly, squishy stuffed animals that would make any child squeal with joy, including the brand new BOO dog, Curious George, and more.

100 6027 Gifts For Kids: Gotta Getta GUND in their Stocking!

While all the GUND plush are adorable, I am just in love with Boo. I may keep him for myself! Right, like that would ever happen. Jacob would find him and steal him in a heart beat! Did you know that he’s based on a real pup, and is in fact The World’s Cutest Dog? Just look at this face, don’t you want to smoosh it?

100 6028 Gifts For Kids: Gotta Getta GUND in their Stocking!

Boo is the perfect size  for sitting under the tree, where he can be discovered by your little one on Christmas morning. If you need something a little smaller for the stocking, though, I recommend Curious George. The world’s coolest little inquisitive monkey makes a great stocking stuffer for both boys and girls of all ages.

Kids not a fan of George or cute little puppies? Need another stocking stuffer idea to go along with them? How about that fuzzy penguin up there? Honestly, I kind of want to steal all three of them from my kid! Although Boo is definitely my favorite of the three!

GUND has such a great selection of plush animals and other creatures. With their wide variety of sizes and prices, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget. Just be sure to place your order before December 19th to ensure that it arrives on time for the holiday! Check out all GUND has to offer on their website, and follow them on Facebook to keep up with news, deals, and special contests.


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