Gifts for Kids:WWE Brawlin' Buddies Talking PlushDo you have a  young wrestling fan in your family? If so, they’ll love the WWE Brawlin’ Buddies Talking Plush toys from Mattel. There are several wrestlers in the line of toys, including fan favorite John Cena. I’m assuming he’s a fan favorite, anyway. I really don’t know a thing about wrestling, but I do remember seeing his name in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month, so it stuck.

My boyfriend’s son is really into wrestling, and he knows a great deal about all his favorites, including John Cena. Apparently, the outfit that the Brawlin’ Buddies version is wearing is Cena’s signature outfit that he wears in the ring. The Buddies also talk with the wrestler’s real voices.

Other features of the WWE Brawlin’ Buddies Talking Toys

  • They’re over a foot tall, so they’re big enough to really play with, but not so big that they’re going to take up a ton of room in the toy box.
  • They’re super soft, safe enough for kids ages 3+, and fun for kids of all ages.
  • Each Buddy has a repertoire similar to the things he says in the ring.
  • In addition to several different phrases, the buddies make fighting sounds too.
  • Really well made- they can definitely stand up to rough play! Considering that they’re wrestling toys, that’s definitely a plus.

Gifts for Kids:WWE Brawlin' Buddies Talking Plush

As far as toys go, I can’t say I understand the fascination with throwing a plush version of your favorite wrestler around. Then again, I’m not a kid, although I do enjoy acting like one occasionally. Between Jacob, Logan (Sal’s son), and my friend’s son (also a Jacob), I’m pretty well surrounded by boys who think wrestling is really cool. A little too cool. In fact, it seems they spend a lot of time attempting to injure each other in some type of fancy move! With Brawlin’ Buddies, at least they’re not going to get hurt. They can reenact all their favorite scenes from the wrestling matches or make up a few of their own. Plus, if they’re battling their buddies, they aren’t battling each other!

WWE Brawlin’ Buddies are sold in stores and online at Amazon and other retailers for about $29.99.


Gifts for Kids:WWE Brawlin' Buddies Talking Plush