Gifts for Him: Red Bubble T-Shirts and AccessoriesShopping for guys is always a huge challenge. I never know what to get! T-shirts seem to be a pretty safe choice, but I like to go for something really cool and unique rather than the same old shirts that are in every novelty store. Sal is huge into the Walking Dead, so I knew he’d be excited about reviewing a Walking Dead t-shirt from Red Bubble.

Well, he’s actually super excited, and  he’s planning a whole “Merry Christmas- Walking Dead Style” photo review with his brand new shirt. However, that’s taking a bit longer than expected, since it involves growing fake limbs, so I wanted to at least get this up and give you a general idea of what to expect from Red Bubble.

What is Red Bubble?

Red Bubble is, first and foremost, an artist community. Creators and designers from all over the world showcase their work on Red Bubble, allowing you to purchase unique, fun, and entertaining t-shirts, hoodies, wall art and cool accessories while supporting the individual artist. The site was designed by artists to support other creative individuals.

Since it’s made up of many artists, the selection is very eclectic. For me, it was a no-brainer because Sal is a huge fan of zombies. Hey, at least I know if the Zombie Apocalypse ever does happen, I’ll be in good hands! If you have a Walking Dead fan in your house, you’ll find a huge selection of t-shirts that they’ll love. In fact, there are 380-ish zombie-related t-shirts! Aside from the shirt that I got Sal (which you’ll see soon), these are a few of my more “family-friendly” favorites:

Not a fan of zombies? Red Bubble has sooooo much more to choose from. How about something for the “geek” in your life?

Red Bubble isn’t just for funny t-shirts, of course, They have an amazing selection of stunning art posters that would look great in any room of your house. I personally love this one, it’s very haunting:

Gifts for Him: Red Bubble T-Shirts and Accessories

If you sign up for a Red Bubble account, you can go through and keep track of all your favorites. It’s actually kind of addicting to sit there and browse through their offerings. Plus, you can easily pin them to Pinterest with the “Share” button. After the holidays, when I have more time to myself, I plan to spend a good few hours exploring Red Bubble in even more depth. I keep getting sucked in as I write this post!

Shop Red Bubble for gifts for everyone on your list, not just the men. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with news. Be sure to keep an eye out for Sal’s “Merry Christmas: Walking Dead Style” post coming soon!