Giving Art as a Gift This Christmas

The art of giving at Christmas time is often a challenge. However, those who decide to give artwork over the holidays can find that it is one of the more gratifying items to give.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage art never seems to go out of style. With all of the eclectic designs that have become so popular, it is very easy to incorporate relics into even the most modern decors. If someone you know is really into vintage designs, all the better. However, the wonderful thing about giving art as a gift is that it can expose someone to something they may never have thought of before.

From pop culture to poster art, there are numerous artful designs and reproductions to choose from. Consider finding something that relates to a hobby or interest, such as a personal passion, sports, general entertainment or humor. These pieces can be found everywhere from stores carrying all types of art, to websites like, to fine art galleries and even thrift stores.

Decor Focused Art

Perhaps someone you want to present art to as a gift has just moved or redecorated. Maybe someone has a new office or could use a spruce up of a home office. These are great opportunities to incorporate a lively pop into the mix that is sure to please. When choosing art for a specific space, think about the color scheme and style type.

Eclectic styles have been in vogue for some time, however, not everyone is partial to them. Therefore, choose wisely. If you have shopped with the person you are buying for – think about the kinds of styles and items they have seemed interested in. Consult with a decorator to find ways of incorporating colors and styles fashionably.

Photographs and Memorabilia

Some of the more meaningful gifts are centered around memories and photographs. Not only do they express sentiment, but because they are given from the heart – their impact is longer lasting than many other types of gifts.

Consider framing an old family favorite of a loved one or yourself with loved ones. Group photos are also often well-received. Perhaps a favorite quote or saying could be used along with a photo or just by itself. Creating a unique piece of art can also involve assembling items of significance from the past or to refer to the future. Box frames are often used for this purpose.

Custom Framing

Once you’ve chosen the pieces you will be giving as gifts, consider how they are framed. It may be better to re-frame them in a custom design. Whenever framing art, think about how the frame will look against the art. Framing can change the entire effect of a piece of art.

Consult with a framing professional to discover the many colors, types and designs of frames. This applies to common poster art, fine art and pieces that you might create yourself. There is no end to the types of frames that can be switched up to create a truly unique and engaging center or conversation piece. Custom framing is what truly personalizes works of art as gifts, no matter what the style, purpose or subject matter.

Giving art is a great choice for those who want to give a lasting gift, however caution should be taken to ensure you pick a piece which fits with the recipient and not with your own personal taste! 

Georgina Clatworthy writes on topics relating to art, design and photography. Choosing just the right piece of art can be difficult, however the website makes it easier with clear images of all their pieces, along with a choice of size and print material.  Furthermore, you can finish your gift perfectly with a custom frame in a choice of moldings and colors to compliment your chosen artwork; you can even view how each frame will look on your print before you purchase.