Humerus the Funny BoneJacob is going through a major joke phase. Every day he comes up with something new to make us laugh. He has about 10 books of jokes (including one that he got from his god mother with like 500+ pages!) that he reads from, and I can’t even tell you how many “knock knock” jokes I’ve heard since Christmas alone! When given the chance to review Humerus the Funny Bone, I had to jump on it. I knew it would be right up my little jokester’s alley!

Humerus the Funny Bone is a really fun, very well-dressed version of the same bone that he’s named after. When you clap near him, he tells bone-related jokes. Some of them are appropriately cheesy, and others are pretty darn clever.

About Humerus the Funny Bone

  • He stands about a foot tall, pretty much as long as your actual funny bone.
  • Tells dozens of jokes. I didn’t count them all, but he really does have quite the expansive repertoire of bone anatomy jokes.
  • He’s sound activated. Just clap, stomp, or let your dog bark in his general vicinity and he’ll tell you a joke.
  • Made of durable plastic, so he’s not likely to break easily. Hey, he may even be more durable than your real humerus!
  • Comes packaged in a really cute box that looks like a stage.

humerus the funnybone

What I love about Humerus the Funny Bone

I love that his jokes are clean, amusing, and somewhat educational even. Jake asked me what some of the jokes meant, and I was able to explain a little about bones to him so he could get the jokes better. For example, one joke mentions meeting up at that “hip joint.” Jake didn’t get it until I explained that you have bones and joints.

I also love how it kind of reminds me of jokes that my grandfather used to tell. He was a huge fan of puns, and while his jokes were pretty cheesy a lot of the time, they still made everyone laugh.

What I would change

While I do love Humerus the Funny Bone, there are a few things that I would change about him. First, I cannot find an on/off button. Once you pull that tab, he can be activated any time. Barking dogs make him go nuts, and my dogs bark at each other pretty often. I have to hide Humerus in an unused room when we’re not playing with him.

The other thing I would change is battery access. I can’t find where you change the batteries, if you can at all. Once he stops talking, I’ll experiment and try to see if the batteries can be changed. I don’t want to accidentally pry something open and break him while he’s still working. I can say that he does have a long life span! So far he’s been talking a lot for about three weeks, and shows no signs of stopping.

Humerus would make a great gift for anyone who loves anatomy humor, or just loves jokes in general. He retails for $29.95.