Rainy DaysSome believe rainy days are no fun. While others see them as an excuse to have some fun they normally wouldn’t have. And if you have kids there are a lot of great ideas and activities to keep them entertained and you sane. In fact, finding some things to do together can be a great way to enjoy each other and make special memories to last a lifetime.


There are some traditional rainy day activities that never seem to grow old. Building a fort with blankets, pillows, and some chairs or living room furniture can be fun at any age. Board games are also a fantastic way to pass the time and spend moments with each other. And there is nothing like a good game of indoor hide and seek to get everyone some exercise and excitement.

But if you want to step out of the traditional a little bit and find something a little more unique and engaging, then try some of these ideas.

  •  Turn your favorite book into a full length play complete with scripts, costumes, and props.
  • Make a music video out of your kid’s favorite song and post it to YouTube.
  •   If you have the space and are a little rough and tumble, have a family wrestling match.
  •  Have a wacky fashion show and see who can make up the craziest outfits, and then have a photo shoot with them too. They’ll have fun and you will have great pictures to remember.
  • Have Wii tournaments.
  •  Let the kids make a treasure or scavenger hunt for the parents.
  • Find a kitchen science experiment to try.

Letting the children invite their friends over can also be a sweet relief for a day indoors. But with twice as many kids in the house you still need to find fun things to do. Tie-dyeing shirts can be an awesome activity for kids at any age. All you need is some buckets, (which you can cheaply purchase at a dollar store if you need) and some RIT dye colors from a local fabric store. This is a cheap activity that can be done in a basement or garage and you can also use old tee shirts, pants, or other clothing that may be getting a little worn out or stained.

If these adventures are a little too involved for a rainy day, or if your kid is home sick then keep it low key with movies in the living room, or maybe even in mom and dad’s bed. Have a pajama day for everyone. CrazyForBargains.com boys pajamas even have super hero pajamas complete with logo and cape. Dad can be just as cool with a pair of red fleece footed pajamas.

Having a family day at home doesn’t have to feel like a chore. With the right attitude, and some good ideas it can be some of the best days you and your kids could have together.