I am really excited to be participating in the Heroine’s With Heart book tour. When I read a book, one of the things I look for is a strong female lead. I don’t like wishy washy girls who curl up into a ball for six months when their “great love” leaves them high and dry. I don’t like girls wax philosophical for pages about the eyebrows of the guy in their chem class, or whine incessantly about how he didn’t even seem to notice them that day. I like strong girls and women who can hold their own, kick some butt, and still show their softer side when the situation calls for it. The Heroines With Heart tour will be highlighting books that feature those types of characters. Bloggers can sign up for the tour here. Readers can snag free goodies and enter the monthly giveaways here.

Suddenly a SpyOne of the books in the Heroines with Heart book tour that I chose to highlight is Suddenly a SpyHeroines With Heart: Suddenly a Spy Excerpt. On her wedding day, Veronica Sinclair thinks she has it all: the loving family, the Vera Wang dress, the hunky husband. But then a mysterious and beautiful woman shows up at the reception, suggesting Veronica’s new hubby isn’t exactly who he says he is. As if that weren’t enough, Veronica and Richard must flee gunmen in the middle of their honeymoon, convincing Veronica she got more than she bargained for when she said, “I do.”

Thrown into a world of espionage, seduction, and human trafficking, Veronica must fight for the life and husband she thought she had – and she must discover whether they are the life and husband she truly wants.

Check out this excerpt from Suddenly a Spy:


Veronica Sinclair stared at her reflection in the window as the black night slipped by. Wide blue eyes stared mournfully back at her, their earlier sparkle gone. Rick stayed in his corner, respecting her need for space and silence. A thousand thoughts at one raced through her head, resulting in nothing coherent. The truth was she didn’t know what to think. He didn’t have control over the actions of an old girlfriend. But something about the woman set off warning bells in Veronica’s head. She had a nagging suspicion this woman was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to things Rick had neglected to mention. That was a road Veronica wasn’t ready to travel again.

Almost mechanically, she followed him up to their room. Something about the honeymoon suite had lost its appeal. She walked straight to the champagne chilling on a table set for two. Wasting no time on ceremony, she popped it open and poured herself a glass, tossing it back so quickly a little hiccup escaped. Rick eyed her warily as she poured herself another glass and turned to face him.

“Choose your next words very carefully,” she warned.

“Baby…” He paused briefly, obviously running his options through his mind. “I haven’t seen her in a long time. I have no idea why she chose today of all days to show up.”

“Who was she?”

“I can’t tell you.” His eyes came to rest on hers. He seemed to be asking her for something, but it was something Veronica wasn’t sure she could give.



“No. That answer doesn’t work for me. Try again.”

“But I can’t.”

“Can’t, or won’t?”

“I can’t,” he reiterated. “I know how you feel about honesty, and I promise I’ve never lied, but there are pieces of my past I just can’t share with you.”

“No!” Rage swirled through her like a gale force wind. “You do not get to tell me on our wedding day that you haven’t given me the whole truth. I think I could take just about anything but that.”

“Ronnie, I’m not Seth.” He took a step towards her, stopping short when she looked ready to back away—or throw something at him.

“I thought I could believe that.” She blinked back the tears that threatened. “Who was she?”

“I can’t tell you.” A deep sigh escaped his lips. “I’m so sorry.”

“Was she a lover?”


“Oh.” Veronica licked her lips. Honesty was good. She supposed. “Did you love her?”

“No.” There was something close to derision in his voice.

“Who’s Marko?”

“Can’t tell you.”

“Are you in danger?”

“Most likely,” he admitted.

“Am I?”

“Not if I can help it,” he promised.

“And you’re not about to tell me what’s going on?” She tried one more time.

“Nope.” He gave her a crooked grin. She polished off her second glass of champagne and poured another.

“What am I going to do with you?” She shook her head.

“I have a few ideas.”


You can purchase Suddenly a Spy on Amazon for $2.99. The Heroines with Heart book tour is also running a January giveaway for a Kindle Fire. Check it out! I’ll be sharing more excerpts and a few reviews over the course of the Heroines With Heart tour, so be sure to come back and discover more strong female characters!