how to build a snow fort
I am horrible when it comes to building snowman. They typically look like some deformed monster out of a horror movie. One thing I do know, however, is how to build a snow fort! I experimented with different containers years ago when Jacob was about three, and I think I’ve perfected my method pretty well over the years. Last year, we didn’t get enough snow to build anything, let alone our very own fortress of solitude. This year, however, with two snow storms in a week, we had enough snow to play a bit last week. Plus, after the second storm, it became the perfect packing snow that you need for fun outdoor projects like this!

How to Build a Snow Fort With Your Kids

1. Get a square container from your stash of Tupperware or saved food containers. I used the kind that a pound of potato salad comes in at the grocery store. This was the perfect size because it’s deep, allowing you to make bigger bricks.

2.  Bundle up and head outdoors!

3. Find a nice, relatively flat surface to work on. If you want, draw out the area you plan to use for your fort. It’s fine to just wing it too!

4. Pack snow firmly into the container. You want a nice, solid brick capable of holding the weight of other bricks. Obviously, this works best with wet snow, not the powdery stuff.

how to bulild a snow fort

how to build a snow fort

5. Flip the container over and place the starting brick. Continue alternating step 4 and this step until you have your fort completed! You can either flip it over directly onto the ground or on top of a previously built row, or flip it into your hand and put it in place yourself for better accuracy.

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6. Reinforce the walls as you work. We packed snow around the base to make it more solid, then fill in the gaps with more snow.

When you’re done, you’ll have a nice solid fort to use for protecting yourself during snowball fights, or just to hang out in with the kids! Your fort can be as big or small as you want. It took us about an hour to build a small fort big enough for Jacob to sit in. I’ve yet to figure out how to make a ceiling, though, so if anyone has tips on that, I’d love to hear them!