happy-young-womanWith the coming new year, people often look back to the things they did in the past year and wonder what would await them in 2013. Was year 2012 a fruitful year for you? Did you wish that you did more? Travel more? Now’s the time set down new resolutions that will help you start the year right.


Travel More

Did your hectic schedule keep you from going on trips? Did a planned vacation get cancelled because you were simply too busy to take it? This year, make more travel one of your resolutions. Mark it as one of your top priorities this year. Write it down and put it on your refrigerator. If you have an inspiration board, pin it there as a reminder of your goal. Some people may think that travel is expensive and a waste of hard-earned money. No amount, however, can replace the priceless memories that you will experience on your journey. Before you depart, make you sure you have travel insurance. If you’re not convinced why you have to purchase it, maybe this checklist will help change your mind.

Save More

Did the end of the year leave you with very little money to hold on to? It’s understandable, since we sometimes go a little crazy with holiday sales and Christmas shopping. At the start of the new year, however, it’s important to reevaluate our priorities, especially when it comes to money. Do you really need to buy that frivolous pair of shoes that you’ll probably only wear once? During these hard economic times, it’s more important than ever to save for a rainy day. Don’t forget to aside part of your savings for your trip so you can make your resolution to travel more a reality.

Work Out More

If you have never run a single marathon or joined a zumba session, it’s never too late to join the fitness revolution. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of exercise in their lives, which is also a way to de-stress and be physically fit. You don’t have to do hours of work out at the gym. Even an 30-minutes to an hour of jogging is already a great start to becoming fit. If working out at the gym doesn’t interest you, take up something new like boxing or martial arts like karate. Always remember, health is wealth, so make exercise a daily habit this year.

Laugh More

“Laughter is the best medicine.” Sometimes we can get so caught up in the hustle bustle of life that we overtax ourselves and become stressed. Yet it only takes but a few moments of hearty laughter for us to forget our worries even for just a short time. There’s more to laughter than just the momentary release of stress. Laughing has health benefits, too. Don’t forgot to take your daily or weekly dose of humor. Learn to laugh with others, if not at yourself. A sense of humor will see you through stressful situations and help you look at the bright side of things.



Based in San Diego, California, Tiffany Matthews is a professional writer and a social media contributor for Seven Corners. When not writing, she likes to travel and watch movies with friends.


Photo Credit: Happy Young Woman by Vera Kratochvil