It’s pretty well-known now that playing certain types of games can help increase your memory and brain skills, and with the plethora of Android apps out there, it’s easier than ever to get a good brain-power-boosting game in during the day! Now that I’ve finally been inducted into the tablet-user society, I’ve been exploring all the different Android apps out there, including countless different quick and fun games. Narrowing down the top Android apps for improving brain skills wasn’t easy! I’m really picky about games, and I’ve downloaded many just to delete them seconds later because they didn’t resonate with me. Keep in mind that this list is entirely subjective, as just about any list is.

The Top Android Apps that May Make Your Smarter (according to me)

top android apps

  • Flow Free– This was the first game app I downloaded when super wonderful boyfriend presented me with my very own tablet, and I’m still pretty addicted to it. The concept is pretty simple- connect the pipes so that water flows throughout the whole game board. The first few rounds are a cake walk, but it gets harder and harder as you go along. I love that there are so many levels, and that you can skip one if you get stuck. It’s one of the top Android apps in the Google Play store, so apparently a lot of people find it as addicting as I do.
  • Soduku Free–  I’m not as huge a fan of Soduku as some people I know, but I do find it fun once in a while. I know that many researchers feel that Soduku and similar games are excellent for improving your brain skills, especially after suffering a brain injury. I like that this game has several settings, including an easy version for less skilled Soduku players like me. The game is easy on the eyes, and doesn’t take up a ton of space on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Alchemy– At first glance, this really doesn’t look like a game that one would consider one of the top Android apps for boosting brain power, because really, you’re basically just dragging elements to each other and hoping that something new forms. After playing it for a bit, though, it really does become kind of a combination or strategy and memory. Sure, you can drag a creation to the info button and it will tell you how you created it, but unless you want to do that every few seconds, it does help to remember a few things on your own.  Start with the four basic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water- and create new elements, creatures, and everything else in the world by figuring out what goes together to make something new. It’s more addicting and fun than it sounds!
  • Untangle Me Free – I downloaded a bunch of apps to try out for this article, and the one that really surprised me the most in terms of the fun factor was Untangle Me. It was listed as one of the top Android apps in the puzzle section, so I figured I should at least try it out. Oddly, it’s really entertaining! I thought I would never make it past the first level, but I’m up to like level 30 already. Basically, you just untangle the mess of lines so that none cross over each other. It requires a lot of thought, at least for me!
  • Brain Lab- I completely stink at any sort of logic puzzle, so I kind of gave up on this app after a few rounds. However, it has gotten numerous great reviews from people who love it, so I thought I should include it. Like other “Brain” games, it tests your memory and general logic skills, but the cool thing about it is that you can compete against your friends. You can also share your score on Twitter and Facebook. I wonder how many people share their scores when they score as low as I did?

Of course, there are like a zillion apps out there, so deciding which of the top Android apps are really the top ones is kind of hard. If you have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking for a new way to waste, I mean increase my brain power!