Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a holiday for couples only, but there is no reason that you can’t involve your kids in the special day. ProFlowers is great to get everyone involved, for example. Flowers make gorgeous Valentine’s Day decor, and letting the kids pick the arrangement gives them a sense of involvement.

Up until last year, my son was my only Valentine every year for several years. While I don’t go all out with gifts and what not (after all, it’s not Christmas or his birthday), I do like to make sure he has something special to celebrate the day. I also like to ensure that he has some of the coolest cards to give to his friends, such as photo cards or other personalized greetings. Making Valentine’s Day special for kids doesn’t have to be too time consuming or costly, though. There are many ways to make the day fun for your little one and celebrate the greatest love of all- that between parents and their children.


Tips to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Kids

  • Make them a special Valentine’s Day breakfast, such as heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries. Using fruits or vegetables to incorporate a little red into the meal also makes it healthier!
  • Give a small, meaningful gift. Valentine’s Day is about expressing love, not about breaking the bank with elaborate gifts. A great suggestion is a coupon book filled with fun activities that you can do together. Ideas include: an afternoon at the park, movie time with mom or dad, baking cookies together, and so on.
  • Plan “date night” for a different night, and spend Valentine’s Day in with your kids. The restaurants are all crowded on Valentine’s Day anyway! You’ll get better service and better seats if you switch up your romantic date night.
  • Introduce your children to the art of poetry. Read love poems together, then help your child write his own. Obviously, you’ll want to stick with the less suggestive love poems.
  • Help them make really cool Valentine’s Day Photo cards to give to their close friends and family. We usually do non-photo cards to give to the class in general, then some cute photo cards for those that he’s closer too. I’ve been a fan of Shutterfly for all my personalized photo needs for years now. “Help them” is the operative word here! Let them choose the design and the photo, and resist the urge to micromanage the whole project.

While you’re visiting Shutterfly to make your photo cards, take a look at all the other great photo gifts they offer. I love the photo mugs. Sal and I made a bunch of them for holiday gifts this year and a couple for ourselves, including one that commemorated our first Valentine’s Day together last year at Paradise Stream. If you’re not a coffee or hot beverage drinker, they also have personalized BPA-free photo water bottles.

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